A Very Unusual Carriage House

IMG_2175, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve never seen a carriage house with a roof like this before. It’s just off 16th St. in 16th St. Heights. Totally bad ass. Here’s the main house:


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  • Notice how a well designed roof doesn’t need gutters. Many historic buildings don’t need modern gutters. Gutters are the devil, a great way for a dimwit contractor to scam a couple hundred bucks from a dimwit owner.

  • Many times when the big house needs replacement roof tiles, the outbuildings are canabalized for matching tiles. It’s cheaper than replacing all or trying to match the original tiles.

  • tiled roof EXPLOSION!!!!!

    Yeah 16th Street Heights!!!!

  • Nice — PoP do you remember where this one was located? I don’t recognize it in the neighborhood.

  • Crin, are referring to the garage (sorry to burst your bubble PoP, but that ain’t no carriage house – the house was built after the invention of those wacky horseless carriages, and you can see that the large blank wall to the left of the garage door has been filled in at some point, and used to have a second garage door), or the main house. I think I see downspouts on the main house, but can’t quite figure out where they are coming from.

  • chain link fence FTL. but that place is tight otherwise.

  • @crin, wiser words never spoken. I am appalled how many row houses have had the front porch roofs repaired, presumably at great expense, to need gutters when they never did before!

    The front porches were by and large designed with a rear-sloping pitch so the water runs towards the house, and the drainpipe is against the wall, like in this picture. So when the roof leaks or is otherwised repaired, some dumbass contractor who decided that he knows better than the original architect. So h reframes the whole thing to pitch forward… probably at great expense, and then requiring an ugly gutter, sometimes on all three sides. So it looks stupid, it now requires constant maintenance, is a more complex design, and will never be as effective at stopping waterfalls as the original, simple, beautiful design.

  • Sorry to be late to this party but I just got back from vacation. SsanInNW, this house is located on Decatur St NW off of 16th St right on the alley behind the church. Back in the 1960’s and early 70’s it housed several russian families who worked for the Soviet Union embassy. The garage pictured was much more developed and had living quarters up top and the drivers and mechanics serviced the cars below. I know this because I lived right down the alley and used to trade toys with two little russian girls, Irina and Nikki, who lived there. My mother made me “exchange” everything back because they were communists and she didn’t want us under surveillance by the executive police which were always stationed outside the house. Also this house has been heavily altered and is now quite ugly compared to the graceful building it once was. Wish I had pictures but I was little and not in control of the camera. As for the roof, blame DC /insurance company laws which mandate that all houses have gutters even if they didn’t need them in the first place to bring them up to code which is a joke.

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