A Run on Floss – I Guess This is A Good Thing

cvs floss

Allow me to introduce, Michelle, who will be providing an extra set of eyes and ears to PoP. She found this odd sight at the CVS on 14th ST on Wed evening. Sadly, she really needed some floss… Michelle, will also be providing more substantial contributions as well as compiling the weekly picks.  If you have a weekly pick suggestion please email Michelle at mlbpop (at) gmail (dot) com

While we’re on the subject of CVS. The new CVS on Columbia Road seems to be progressing nicely:


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  • why why why does their facade have to be so fugly? I cant even say this is an improvement to that much neglected portion of columbia road. Id like to find their head design guy and kick him in the nuts.

  • How about the new CVS building on Georgia by the metro? When will they be braking ground for that one?

  • Don’t we have enough CVS’s in this city? It’s nearly as bad as all the Starbucks…

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