Dear PoP – Any Neighborhood Networking Opportunities for Folks that Work From Home?

Biznik business networking group meets at Liberty Bar in Seattle., originally uploaded by biznik.


“Dear PoP,

Are you aware of any neighborhood (CH & Petworth) networking groups for people who work at home in the area? I am an international lobbyist with an office in Seattle but when I am in DC, I work from home. I have been thinking that it would be great to have an opportunity to network and socialize periodically with others like me – since we don’t have the benefits of working at an office downtown. What do you think?”

I know Wayan Vota had a group meet at Domku (800 block of Upshur) a few weeks ago but I’m not sure if there were any follow up meetings. Are other folks interested in something like this? If you’d like to chose a location and date/time, I’d be happy to do a follow up post announcing it to others.

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