What the Helen of Troy is This?

IMG_1849, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

There were a bunch of random barrels inside the old O Street Market off 7th Street, NW. God knows why they’re there. Any ideas?

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  • Look like barrels to me.

  • That’s where we store the LOLs

  • This could be the initial stage of the pre-development process for this site -an environmental clean up of collected soil samples from different points on site for later analysis of contamination required prior to excavation and permitting caused by a previous industrial land use like a machine shop, former automotive repair garage, or gasoline station with abandoned or leaking underground tanks.

    This is done not just for the proposed site of development, but to protect the subsequent dumping end site during excavation. If the samples are hot, each dumpster (possibly hundreds of them) has to be incinerated with carefully controlled disposal. Downgrade adjacent properties may be involved as well. Modern day urban development is very, very regulated and a very, very, very, very expensive and risky endeavor. No matter the detail or length of explaining, most of the quick to judge commentators on this blog will never understand that, much less ever have to endure it.

  • You must be the life of the party.

  • @anon 1:22… hahahahaha!

  • They were cleaning the brick at the O St market in order to clean off the paint. When this is done they use muriatic acid, which comes in large blue barrels just like this. Thats my guess and I’m a contractor.


  • pour it, wait a year, neighborhood is gentrified. good sh*t.

  • Obama’s secret stockpile of nerve agent gas, on a FEMA holding site, for euthanizing Christians and ‘real Americans’ before establishing a one world government and turning the world into an RIFD-chipped slave plantation (at the behest of the Devil & Catholic church and the jew/extraterrestrial alliance)… seen it all before. Ask anyone of the 3 million people at the 9/12 rally..

  • What’s in the barrels? False hope. We see something new, we get excited and then a few years of absolutly nothing.

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