Wait a Second? Why Would Anyone Get Hooters To Go?

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Can’t you just get wings cheaper somewhere else… Do folks actually think the wings at Hooters are that good?

And of course this reminds me of a hilarious quote from Old School:

“How was Hooters?

I actually didn’t go to Hooters.

Yeah, right.


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  • if you want take-out wings, but don’t want to buy them from behind plexiglass, you might get hooters to go.

  • PoP – “Skittles”??? What you talking ’bout Willis?

  • There are a lot of reasons. One is that Hooters is one of the most annoying places in the world. Don’t sit down next to me and touch my arm. Go make sure they make my food. If I want a woman to pretend to be interested in me, I’ll just go to a strip club and at least see her naked. Right?!

    The only way to make Hooters palatable is to eat at the bar or to get it to go. If you sit at a table, you are going to be annoyed. And if you are not annoyed, them something is wrong with you.

    PS – the food at Camelot is much better anyway. Honestly, it really is.

  • “Old School” baby, “Old School”

    *Cough* *cough* *cough* “I’m sorry, I thought you said high school.”
    “I did, they grow up so fast don’t they?”
    “Yes, yes they do”

  • I actually had a girlfriend that really liked Hooter’s wings. So, in all honesty, the five times I’ve ever been in a Hooters were picking up take-out for her. So, that’s at least one scenario. Their wings aren’t the worst ever, but they are certainly not any better than BW3 or Buffalo Wild, and at least at those places the chances of seeing Monkeyrotica stuffing dollars down spandex short-shorts is rather small.

  • The Cajun wings at Hooters are better than any other I’ve had in the city cause you can get them naked.

  • i had a buddy whose wife worked there and i would stop in all the time. hadnt thought about her in ages, thanks pop.

  • Were you fooling around with his wife? What did you order there?

  • Generally, chubby Hooters girls shoved into tight orange shorts makes many lose their appetite, thus carry out is a good option.

  • I thought the bag would be for taking home leftovers

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