Update on 2204 14th Street, NW – To Become “Bicycle Stations”

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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the space at 2204 14th St., NW would become a bike rental spot. On Monday, I had the opportunity to speak with the owner, Stephen Harrell, who was able to fill in a number of details.

This location will actually be the first of three. He hopes to open the 14th Street location in the next week or two. The second DC location will be at 2033 P Street, NW. The third one will be located in Old Town, Alexandria. The P Street and Old Town locations should open in the next 2 months or so.

In addition to a rental spot the store will also service bicycles and sell them as well. On his Facebook page Harrell says:

“DC Bicycle Stations will provide high-line rentals, service and sales of accessories. Please stop by to rent one of many bicycles to enjoy the beautiful city of Washington, DC.

And by the way, if you need to have a romantic date we are able to cater a lunch bag and a blanket for you and your date.”

The second part of his message is pretty interesting. He explained to me that there will be a concierge service that can drop off and pick up rentals as well as provide other services upon request. Cost for the rentals is $65 per day and these bikes are rather high end retailing for around $1000.

Sounds pretty cool. The Bicycle Stations Web site is currently under construction.

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  • For $65 per day I rather rent a car.

  • With my zipcar discount, I could rent a smartbike for 2 YEARS for $60!

  • Rent an ill-fitting bike for $65/day? They know a weekend day at Hertz is less than $40, right?

  • I guess $65/day isn’t unreasonable for a $1,000 at-cost bike. Big Wheel Bikes charges similar rates for their high-end models: http://www.bigwheelbikes.com/rentals.htm.

  • I’m thinking that they should have a “beater” bike for rent at a much lower rate.

  • sorry to say but i don’t have much faith in how this business model is going to succeed in dc.

  • We’re a typical yuppie family. Let’s say we want to rent a couple bikes, plus a trailer/3rd wheel type attachment for our offspring. That’s $130 for the bikes, plus at least another $50 I’m sure for the kid accessory. Maybe more.

    Do you have any idea how much fun stuff we could do for $200 bucks in this area? How on earth did this guy get financing for the scheme?

  • I agree with all of the other commenters. You’d think before undertaking this endeavor the would’ve taken 30 seconds to do some market research….


  • this is the strangest business plan i’ve ever seen. seriously?

  • Time to change the name from smartbike.

  • Wait that comment was poorly thought out. Never mind.

  • I dunno, if they’re really high-end, I could see renting one to keep up with my more hard-core friends for a day. Can’t imagine doing it more than twice a year though.

  • Renting a $1000 bike for $65 does not compare too favorably with renting a $15,000 car for $40 a day.

    The only reason I can see doing this is to “demo” a bike, like with downhill skis, but really, I think you can do that for free at bike shops anyway.

  • What exactly does a $1,000.00 bike do for you? Just curious – not being critical – I really don’t know. I’ve done thousands of miles and road trips on my old bike and it seems just fine.

  • for those that compare this to renting a car…aren’t you comparing apples to oranges.? I mean, if you’re planning on riding a BIKE, you’re not considering driving a CAR are you? I have a brother who visits from California who does multi-day bike tours with me and, in the past has ridden his (ill fitting) nephew’s and brother-in-law’s bikes. He would definitely consider renting a higher end road bike. 65.00/day does seem like a lot.

  • Bike and Roll rents bikes for much lower prices and also has locations at the Old Post Office Pavilion – right by the Mall – as well as in Old Town. They are also opening third location at the new bikestation at Union Station. The Bicycle Stations locations seem kind of out of the way and the prices seem ridiculous.

  • It sounds like he’s renting out nice bikes. I, for one, have a decent bike, but it’s a touring bike. I’d love to try out a fancy road bike one day. I wouldn’t ride it in DC. I’d go where I do long rides out near Marshall, VA and the eastern shore where traffic is light and the roads have shoulders. If all I wanted was transportation then, yea, I’d probably get a car. I’m psyched about this store. We need more options besides City Bikes. That place sucks ass.

  • First off I’d like to clear up any misunderstandings: the bikes will be available for rent at roughly $20 per day. The bikes that we’ll rent for $65 a day come with a catered lunch in case you should decide to plan a picnic on the National Mall. The lunch will be provided by Peacock Cafe in Georgetown.

    Stephen Harrell

  • I think the concept of renting bicycles in DC is a great idea! It’s nice to see more places focusing on outdoor activities, especially in such a beautiful city. I also think everyone who has been too quick to judge should check it out, I’ve stopped by and it looks like a cool place 🙂

  • As a satisfied customer of the Bicycle Station, I’d like to chime in here. I went in to check the store out this weekend and ended up buying a Breezer Freedom, which I’m super happy with. Bike stores can be intimidating to me but Stephen was terrific, very helpful and friendly, took the time to assuage several of my concerns. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.

    Oh, and he’s the first authorized Breezer dealer in the District as well.

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