“Up You Mighty Race…It’s Time” Sign Painted Over


They mysterious storefront at 3303 11th Street, NW has painted over the classic Marcus Garvey line, “Up You Mighty Race…It’s Time”. The space is now apparently a security services firm. Here’s what it used to look like:


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  • Love the symbolism of a Black Nationalist quote being obliterated by a budding corporate member of America’s security/prison-industrial complex.

  • I agree. There is definitely some irony there.

    So what do they do there? Is it an office? Seems like lost potential for that space. It would be a nice spot for a little restaurant or shop.

  • That place is where I’m taking my handcuffing class. Love it!

  • MLK would be proud

  • So they offer classes there?

  • It’s times like this that the neighborhood profits from its Prince of Petworth at large. That slogan contributed some history and flavor of the neighborhood, and now it lives on mostly in this web archive.

    I’m just curious: why would they offer baton twirling lessons?

  • I think that place used to be the museum or hall of fame or something for the black baseball major leagues or something, right? Or the museum for the Washington Grays or something like that, right?

  • what a racially offensive quote. I figured all the progressives on this blog would note there is no race greater than another – but oh wait I forgot to press start on white guilt – diversity depends on ones skin color and white folk have nothing to offer and are culturally clueless.

  • I think that’s why they took it down.

  • Whatever it meant. Whatever its intent. It’s fair to say that it didn’t work. Maybe it fell on deaf ears. Maybe the people intended to heed the message were too weak to get up.

  • Any form of pride is destined to offend the weak, the guilty, and the passionless. Let the offended stew in their vapid nightmare brine; it is their choice and who are we to deny them the right to be miserable? Meanwhile, the proud and strong of all shades will rise above all that, with or without signs on buildings. Because we are awesome. Amen.

  • Hnmmm… I don’t think that quote, particularly in Garvey’s time, necessarily suggests one race is any more mighty than another. Rather, it is intended to encourage folks to get up and quit allowing themselves to be ill treated. Anonymous 10:09, you’ve got issues. Nate, yes, the message may have fallen on deaf ears. Peace.

  • Anon 10:09 you have issues. The quote is “Up! You mighty race, you can accomplish what you will.” There is nothing racially offensive about it.

  • 10:09 is just a troll, which is probably why they stayed Anon- don’t take the race bait folks.

  • I walk by here every day and have been wondering for weeks why “Firearms Training” is happening in a regular store front and not some sort of firing range outfitted for that purpose. Is it legal to be playing with guns in plain sight of passer-bys (I realize they are probably not loaded, but still)?

  • A large part of what goes into firearms training is classroom-type activity and not actual ‘trigger time’. Safety rules, terminology, legal/use-of-force principles and such are all best done without the distraction of actual firearms, especially for folks new to the game.

  • handcuffing training . . . hahaha. someone should open a sex shop next door to take advantage of the clientele

  • Pennywise: “Black Minor League” used to be painted on the building. I’m not sure if it referred to black minor league baseball, which did indeed exist at one time.

  • Mr Lucas’s security firm has had offices in the 2nd floor on that corner for at least several years, possibly many more years than that. I met him in the old Franklin’s.

    I believe his business was based on offering security for construction sites, things like that. I think I would hire him if I needed something; he seemed to be pretty tough and no-nonsense and probably knows everyone nearby. Would be interesting to arrange for an interview with him on this website.

  • Intangible Arts, I think I love you.

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