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  • it was one of Graham’s assitants I’m sure

  • Whenever I hear a story like this I think back to an episode from college.

    My car a light blue metalic Honda Civic hatchback along with several other cars with a similar look (or same make/model) and in light color (especially at night) all had their rear windows smashed one night. The rumor at the time was revenge on a particular female and it was assumed they “knew” her car but couldn’t be exact at night and so got all the look-a-likes.

    That really pissed me off.

  • Awww…Christ that is such BS! Thats just what I need to come home to after a week long business trip. Please please let my car not be one of them! There has been a very large amount of car vandalism in the neighborhood recently broken windows, slashed tires, etc. Sometimes I really hate people…

  • And I was just commenting here yesterday about how I’m so glad I don’t own a car anymore. I live on Lanier and even more relieved that i got rid of mine now.

    this sucks. i hope none of my building-mates were hit.

  • argh I’ve already had people knock out my headline on lanier, better not come home to this too

    saw someone changing a tire this morning, wonder if it was related

  • my guess is that it as the owner of the bronzed overall planter that everyone on PoP has been talking down about: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2009/09/freaky-porch-decoration/

  • Its the local anarchists doing their part for the G8 protests.

  • it was probably BIKERS

    man I hate bikers.

  • My front front tire and 3 cars’ tires in front of it all got slashed on 17th & Columbia last year… on a Sunday night… angry Redskins fans was my blame.

  • Just Steal my Freakin Car you a..hole. Now I have to pay with my damn time to resolve this idiot s..t Next time you have a problem with someone take it up with them and not their neighbors. If God blesses me to see the idiot that did this I will lay blessed hands on them indeed!

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