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This is from Jess, 25, who got it done at Jinx Proof in Georgetown. It’s a peacock feather and I think it came out very cool looking.

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  • I don’t know..

    either she drew it and the artist didn’t re-line it, or JP picked up some slouch talent recently. (not speaking to the concept, just the execution.)

  • Unfortunately, CB is right. I bet it was drawn on a spiral notebook cover while bored by a 10th grade chemistry lecture.

    I used to see a lot of comparable work coming out of JP, which is why I went elsewhere.

  • Sorry. I think it is a little creepy. I wouldn’t want to be standing behind that at night.

  • My friend and I went to JP about 2 months ago to get tattoos. She got a tattoo on the neck–the artist stenciled it on her then allowed her to ask me if it looked ok. It wasn’t. It was crooked and leaning to the right by half an inch or so. I voiced my opinion and the artist didn’t want to believe me. So my friend had another artist jump in and give his opinion- he agreed with me, it was crooked.

    When going to get tattoos, always, always take a trusted friend to quip up. It’s saved my ass once or twice.

  • To all the comments:

    I’ve seen this tat on the girl in real life. It isn’t crooked. Pictures often don’t do tats justice.Sometimes the slightest lean or turn can make a tat appear off center, and the article of clothing in the pic can be a distraction. Just something to keep in mind.

  • There’s a lesson to be learned here: Don’t get a tattoo anywhere on your body that you can’t see without a mirror.

  • My comment had nothing to do with it being crooked, but the heavy-handedness of the execution. But the bottom line is it’s her tatt–if it turned out as she hoped it would, and she’s happy with it, who cares what we think?

  • it looks like she has a dirty neck.

  • @nasty: those are freckles I believe.

  • JR, doesn’t a mirror allow you to see all parts of your body?

  • Speaking as a person with a fair amount of ink, nothing says “unemployable” like neck tattoos.

  • This is hilarious to me. I actually know and an out with this person!. She usually wears her hair down so you can’t always see it. I personally like it, and she gets compliments on it all the time

    And yes, those are freckles.

  • I don’t know man. I have a lot of friends w/ sleeves/back/neck work etc, had friends that worked at JP..

    The quality here is.. meh, I haven’t been to JP in years but I’m surprised to see that this walked out their door. Anyway. An important thing to think about when getting ink, is not to let the concept you’re working with blind you to the quality of the final product. Always bring a friend, b/c when you’re with the artist (a guest in their house), there’s a considerable amount of self-imposed pressure to say “yes,” to everything. Which doesn’t faze the artist, you’ll be gone in an hour and forgotten and they’ll be paid.

    Get familiar with how good tattoos can really look — the clarity and flawless execution of a line, shading, type of colors/hues and the balance of color.

    Some people like having their exact drawing on themselves — unless you’ve been an artist for a number of years, and are satisfied with your line, let the tattoo artist redraw/reline it. I just draw here and there, thought my line was fine the first couple years, now it looks ridiculous.

    Think about anything you’re good at, and think how amateur you and your understanding of it was when you started. Tattoos are something you really need to learn about before getting.

    And neck/hand tattoos — think real hard. Even behind hair. Do you want long hair you whole life? Not be able to wear a pony tail or braid to work?

  • CB- you make good points, but I think some things need to be clarified, esp cause I know the girl and I know the meaning/design behind the tat.

    1. She didn’t draw it herself. Neither did a high school kid doodling in their notebook.

    2. She’s an urban arts appreciator. She didn’t want a realistic sketch of a peacock feather. JP certainly could have done that, but she wanted something artisitic, with bold color. More whimsical.

    3. All of this is irrelevant when you love the tat before and after it’s been put on your body. She loves her tat. So I think J.P. has a very satisfied customer.

  • “Get familiar with how good tattoos can really look”…in 40 years. Ugh.

    “Grandma, what’s the thing on your neck? It looks like melanoma!”

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