Safeway in Adams Morgan Looking Good

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The past couple months the Safeway on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan had been undergoing some renovations. The outside is looking pretty good. I don’t shop there but for those that do, has the inside changed as well?

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  • I’m moving soon, and I will miss this Safeway. Inside they’ve renovated, changed around the look of the store. Looks like they’ll be adding proper bakery and floral sections. The biggest new addition is 4 self-checkout stations.

    I’m typically an early morning shopper, so it’s rarely crowded for me, but the store looks completely different than when I moved here 5 years ago and it’s definitely for the better.

  • Oh my goodness, such an improvement! Thank you, Safeway! We now have two legit food stores in the neighborhood considering the Harris Teeter, plus the great Giant up in Columbia Heights.

  • it’s a damn shame that they didn’t build a few stories on top of the building. i’m sure that the zoning here would allow them to go up to at least 4-5 stories. they could have added apartments on top. it’s not really the highest and best use of the property as it stands right now.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @IMGoph did you see the article in the times about roof farming in NYC? I can’t find the freaking link but it was great article. Looks like this could be a good roof for that at least.

  • I actually really dislike the renovation. To me, it looks like it belongs in Gaithersberg or Herndon with a big parking lot in front. It doesn’t seem urban and reflect the character of the neighborhood. Part of the problem is the stucco and part of is the color. It would have been nice to have a design similar to that of the new Georgetown Safeway that perhaps included another 3 stories of apartments above. That would really add to the neighborhood. This, I think, is simply just trying to make this safeway look like any other suburban one.

  • Oh, come on Jared, once the front window gets shot out for the first time it will “seem urban and reflect the character of the neighborhood.” Seriously though, as long as the quality of the produce goes up, and the number of rats I see scurrying in the aisles goes down I’ll be happy.

  • Ill still be going to teeter. they basically just gave it a spit shine but the same meager offerings. I echo others comments should have increased the density. but i would say what our neighborhoods outside of downtown need are offices not more apartments. these would support retail during the 9-5 work week.

  • What should the new nickname for that Safeway be?

  • spit shine safeway

  • PoP: yeah, i saw that, about the roof gardens in brooklyn, right? i wonder, though, since soil is quite heavy, if this building’s roof is strong enough to handle the weight. they’d probably need a stronger structural retrofit…

  • So it used to be the Soviet Safeway because the shelves were always barren. Now, the place is cleaned up and looks nice, but the shelves are still mostly barren. Maybe we can name each section of the new Safeway a different Republic. Same great lack of produce, new name.

  • Wrong Safeway Jon H….everyone knows that the Safeway on 17th Street in Dupont has always been and will always be the Soviet Safeway.

  • Wow, really? When I first moved two blocks down the street 5 years ago, someone called it the Soviet Safeway—a name that seemed to fit it—and I never questioned it. This one definitely needs a new name either way.

  • Maybe it’s because they’re still under construction but it seems their stock has been reduced. The lines are still way too long in the evenings (only 1 register open if you’ve got over 15 items?). I’m sticking to the Teet for major shopping trips (never a wait) but the new DIY registers at the Spit Shine Safeway are great for a quick bottle of wine + ice cream fix.

  • It is a nice remodeling.

    Why would you criticize them for remodeling instead of building 4 more stories on top of the existing structure, as if those are two comparable options.

    Hmm, I can’t decide whether to get a haircut or a liver transplant.

    But, they should definitely put a heliport on top. Or, perhaps a dairy pasture.

  • Or what about using the roof to turn it into Solar Safeway?

  • The part of the renovation I am confused about is the set of stores to the left that were shut down and taken over. I had the impression that Safeway was either expanding into them or actually moving over. Moving doesnt makes sense since they’ve done a bunch of renovation inside the old place (it takes me 2x as long to shop since they moved stuff around amid the isles) but the new space is way too big for them to expand into. Looks like it would double the size of the place.

    Anyone know what is going on?

  • Wow. I hope they’re going to grow corn on the roof of this one. A great big cornfield on the roof of this Safeway would be very very good for the neighborhood. They could sell the corn and food products made with it in the store below, and in the autumn they could create a big corn maze up there.

  • Safeway wanted to expand to the left, but were unable to work out a deal with the developer so instead a CVS is moving in directly next to the Safeway (which is pretty obvious if you look at how the space is being built-out, and no, no one knows yet what, if anything is going into the current CVS space). The two reamaining spaces (the former underwear store and the Popeyes) are available for rent.

    To address previous posts about building up (which I agree with MPHS is an apples to oranges discussion since Safeway doesn’t own the building where it’s located), the developer had plans to expand up and wouldn’t really have any zoning/height issues, but in the current economic climate has decided to hold off on any vertical expansion…

  • On a totally unrelated note, looks like Walgreens is taking over the old 7-11 on Connecticut and Porter (I think it’s on that corner). Nowhere near Petworth/Columbia Heights, but I was glad to see it. If only Walgreens would take over every CVS in town we’d be in business!

  • Walgreens will be in the former Yenching Palace storefront; the 7-11 is vacant and for-lease.

  • New look but same terrible customer service, long lines, rotting produce, empty shelves, ect, ect. In all honesty I didnt really mind the way it used to look. I dont need faux wood floors but I do need food that wont poison me. To me it’s silly to spend so much money to make it look better but have everything else remain the same. Thanks Safeway for keeping it mediocre.

  • Looks really nice. When I started living in that neighborhood in 1995, the only thing about that Safeway that was good was the entertainment factor of watching the amazed looks on the Chinese Embassy employees who were out on patrol gawking at the variety in the store. It was smelly and out front there was a brisk business in stolen phone cards and identities.

    It has cone a long way!

  • It would be a great space for a rooftop garden (really fresh produce!) or solar panels.

    Here’s the link to the WPost article (Sept 12th)

  • Looking directly across the street it’s still like the Si Senor Safeway.

  • Is there parking at this Safeway?

  • Yes, there are about 8 parking spaces in a very small underground garage accessible from the rear alley. Heads up though – very low height clearance, the ramp heading down is so steep that I wouldn’t take anything with low ground clearance and the turn is so tight into the spots once you get down there that you’ll have to do an 11 point turn unless your vehicle has a good turning radius. OK, so it’s not quite that bad, but the Harris Teeter lot has it beat by a million miles.

  • DCGirl:

    Si, there’s a huge underground parking lot with entrance from the rear alley.

  • Thanks for responding to my post regarding parking!

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