Rock Creek Market Opens at Corner of Rock Creek Church and Warder Streets


I got a ton of emails about this market opening up on Tuesday. If you recall this was the space that was gutted by fire in August ’08. It looks amazing now.


This is one of the nicest bodegas in town, well worth the wait. It’s not gonna replace a grocery store but if you need a few items and live nearby, you should be very happy.


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  • I love hearing about new markets opening!

  • I was there this afternoon, this place is great! It’s definitely several cuts above the other bodegas I’ve seen in the are – nice and spacious, with fresh produce and organic milk! I’ll definitely be stopping by regularly.

  • Beer selection?

  • Yessss finally. This is a godsend.

  • Is “bodega” the new name for a convenience store?

  • This is glorious. I’m going to go buy some fruit when I get home tonight!

  • Will you please stop using the term bodega! This is not NYC.

  • folks, I tried to counter the ‘bodega’ thing before:

    If transplants want to use the term I guess its their prerogative.

  • We should start a petition to have “bodega” stricken from the approved vocab list. It’s a corner store or convenience store!

  • Nice store. But I am afraid for them. The store seems wide open for attack. Lets face it. The neighborhood is still transitioning. Folk are desperate. I’d hate for something to happen to the beautiful family that has worked to improve our hood. Let us all keep a look out for them and pray that all goes well.

  • Is the need for bickering so acute that people have to argue about the word “bodega”? What is offensive about the word? Is it a race or ethnic thing? Geesh.

    I agree that the store is wide open but it’s a welcome change from the standard “bulletproof” places that permeate the neighborhood. Kudos to the owners for taking a risk and deciding not to present the impression that they are afraid of the neighborhood and their customers. I think it will definitely pay off for them. I understand security concerns but I have always felt put off by the bulletproof stores and for that reason only used them when I was really desperate. Now that this place has opened I intend to be a frequent customer and will not use the other places anymore. Kind words for the owners are nice but if you want these kinds of places to flourish and multiply, vote with your wallet.

  • Call it what you want but I am partial to “Stab n’ Grab.”

  • I like the term bodega because it has greater specificity than the alternatives. “Convenience store” might be a chain, like 7-11. “Corner store” could be anything. “Shady mart” also works for me, though.

  • I live in East Harlem, we have bodegas and corner stores all over. They seem safe from attack. I think DC can do it too. Would be nice if DC got the whole idea of using the sidewalks for display of vegetables and other products. We definitely use sidewalk selling space better in NY. (And it actually helps deter crime by enlivening the streetscape.)

  • I’m not sure what ontarioroader is going on about. I’ve been here since 1982, and I’ve heard plenty of people who have been here much longer than me call these places bodegas.

  • Great news! The store looks great and I wish them much success.

  • What about Bodega Los-Primo in Mt. Pleasant? Should they change their name?

  • First of all, a great addition to my favorite stretch of Petworth (though technically this is in park view.)

    The owners are SUPER nice and are really depending upon the community for support. Also, if you have items that you want them to stock, they are keeping a running list. In particular, they need suggestions for beer and wine when they get their license (don’t worry, already added Nati Boh to the list)…

  • that’s awesome. timor bodega and windows cafe in my neck of the woods are both somewhat similar to this and they do a ton for the community. i hope these guys prosper and are not subjected to violent attack (to that end, best practice is to keep the cash register well away from the door…)

  • Nice bodega.

  • Of course it would open after I moved away. Blast.

  • I’m a D.C. native and the only times I’ve heard the word Bodega in this town was when spoken by young transplants from New York. It always takes me by surprise.

  • First of all, corner store, bodega — who cares? I wish them much success as well, and I plan to patronize.

  • Petty arguments, nice BODEGA.

  • bodega is just another term for convenience store….. and it’s also just fun to say. I’m going to the bodega to grab some beers… I’m going to the convenience store ….. i think not. Sounds like you’re running to 7/11 or something which you are not. You’re going to the bodega! Fuck you.

  • My roommate and I stopped by last night and were very happy with it! They have fresh fruit and vegetables (I bought some pears), a nice collection of packaged food (I’m coming back for those Thai noodle bowls next time I’m feeling sick), and some household supplies and toiletries. Can’t wait until they get beer. Plus, the owners were super nice.

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