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This one from Som Records is brilliant. I think I may have mentioned this before but when I went to Oktoberfest in Munich, the most popular song by far was, oddly, Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver.

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  • How funny – I worked on ships with mostly Filipino crews and “Country Roads” was the number one song there too.

  • I was on a late night bus in Kathmandu coming back from a conference event – one of the songs sung by a group of priests and lay people from Malaysia and Macau and Burma and Bangladesh (& other neighboring countries) was John Denver’s Country Roads.

    Very cool moment… and I wondered how this song spread so far beyond West Virginia.

  • Becase West Virginia kicks ass. Period

  • Back in 2007 I was in a pub with Dublin when “Country Roads” came on — everyone stopped what they were doing to sing it, including kids and old folks.

  • I had a cab driver from West Africa once sing “Country Roads” to me. This was after he sang “American Pie.” All of it. It was actually a lot of fun.

  • It’s a weird coincidence, but I was at a German-American festival in Ohio recently and one of the bands played Country Roads. I wonder if there’s some connection I don’t know about.

  • i know that germans have these “schlager” bars where people drink and do sing-alongs. that might explain why the germans love such a sing-along-style song, but i’m not sure about the other places.

  • oh and i forgot. why wasn’t bob seger more popular than john denver in Kathmandu? come on! he’s got a song about the place!


  • The Jamaicans love “Country Roads” as well as evidenced by the very popular Toots and the Maytals cover of it. “West Jamiaca Mountain Momma”
    More facts here – http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=2409

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