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Fiesta DC
Photo by PoPville flickr user *tinadelarosa

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • The fountain was on in the new 14th/Park/Newton Plaza this morning!

    What is it to be called, anyway?

  • It is such a beautiful day today I hate to complain but…. where are our trees on New Hampshire Ave? The ones that are supposed to be growing out of the newly built median strip between Princeton and Sherman Ave? It looks ugly with just a pile of mud and some scattered grass.

  • Rave- The Yeah Yeahs concert was great fun.
    Rave- We ate 5 guys burgers at the new fountain yesterday.
    Rave- Picked up some Caps tickets for the uncoming season (they actually win games!)

  • Rave: Nice lazyyyy weekend filled with football and laying around…

    Rant: I’m still a little sick – stomachache and I haven’t slept well in over a week

  • @asl – did you feel like the oldest person in the crowd, or was it okay?

    RANT: wordpress telling me I’m posting too quickly, and I haven’t posted since Friday or Saturday!

  • to my neighbors, please take your meds. When you are off your meds you wander around mumbling to yourself, siting on peoples porches and bumming cigarrettes. Im tired of teling you to go home and take your meds. If you are not going to take your meds then at least share them. My family would be gratefull if i spent some time on the couch, drooling and staring off into space.

  • Any reactions to the Central Union Mission BZA decision? I’m glad they are getting to build the housing on the Georgia Ave. property b/c I think it’ll be good in the long run, but what’s going to happen to their homeless shelter? Seems like there is a need for that service that will be unfulfilled once they leave the Logan circle area.

  • Rave – decided to take a sick day today… uh… *cough*

    Rave – went apple picking yesterday…

    Rant – …now what am I going to do with 10lbs of apples?

  • Rave: Bill Paxton and Chole Sevigny were very pleasant on the Big Love set…posing for photos with fans.

    Rave: I get to see Muse tomorrow!

    Rant: The Deadskins 🙁

  • Rave: On Saturday I manhandled a new 40 X 20 X 34 inch, 135 pound sink up 3 flights of stairs with the last set of stairs being 24” wide spirals. And by manhandled I mean I supervised two neighbors with strong backs and an even stronger need for free beer. My role was mostly limited to yelling encouragement such as “Don’t scratch it”, “Pivot” and “Don’t scratch it!”

    Rant: I probably should have checked the 40 X 20 X 34 inch, 135 pound sink more closely before hauling it up three flights of stairs in order to catch that the opening for the overflow is slightly out of alignment.

  • Rant: I signed up a tad late for the LSATs and now have to drive to Germantown to take it in December. 2 months to study for them? I’m a crazy person!

    Rave: The mysterious stomach pains I had last week have vanished. Yippee!

  • Rant: It’s Monday. I hate my job. I’m bored at work with nothing to do and I’ve already read all of my news and blog sources. Suggested internet reading to put my mind at ease?

  • Mnomena, lolcats.

  • @ MnomeNa: Check out the other -ists. As in, go to DCist then select another city from the dropdown in the top right corner. Gothamist (NYC) can be OK, though a bit annoying with all the posts about Albany goings on. This might fill an hour, especially if you do all the cities.

  • @Mnomena: StumbleUpon. Great web tool for daily boredom.

  • Rant: My boss steps all over me. I try and be a team player and 99.9% of the time I say “yes” to whatever she wants me to do. But on the flip side, she refuses to let me come in 1 hr earlier (and leaving 1 hr earlier) or give me COMP time. And today w/o even asking me she put another staff person in my office who will be sharing it w/ me. I’m sick of it!

    Rave: too angry to have a rave right now.

  • @Mnomena: apartmenttherapy.com (if you like that kind of thing) or long articles on the Atlantic (magazine) website

  • anonymous – thats because if you say yes all the time, your boss will think you have no backbone. Say no every now and again. Come in late or leave early without asking her permission.

  • @Mnomena: popurls.com My go-to on slow days

  • Rave: PoP used my photo for his blog 🙂

    Rant: I graduated law school at the worst possible time…

  • Rant: Drama and debacle caused me to have to get a new internship. Now i’m doing work with Old people who aren’t my favorite population. I’m trying not to be bummed about it while fantasizing about a military with no red tape (and a pony and a million dollars, all about as likely).

    Rave: I haven’t seen my best friend in months so I’m going to NYC this weekend to see her.

  • @Mnomena, go look at all the angryalien.com movies.

  • rant: got my car window smashed in! didn’t see it until it had rained all over the upholstery all day saturday. and nothing of any value got taken. so now we have to pay for pointless destruction. wondersul.

  • *wonderful

    rant: even my sarcasm fails!

  • Rave: Did lots of wall and trim painting this weekend.

    Rant: My roof is leaking. Badly.

    Rave: Had a roofer guy come and look, and can do a short term (4-5 year) fix for about $1500.

    Rant: Really need a part time night/weekend job. To pay for the roof and the paint.

  • I need a body double to repoint the bricks on my house while I earn the money to pay for the supplies.

  • Rave: I am graduating in December (for the second time), and accounting jobs are still available.

    Rant: I don’t live anywhere near DC, but I want to so very much.

  • nice website sugggestions folks. more, more!

  • Rave – The Ice Age!!! The cool lakes it left all over Wisconsin – the friends of friends who have a house on one – the extreme double rainbow on the drive up from Madison – the extreme lightning storm on the drive back – the lazy swimming & cabining days in between – the AAA tow truck driver that showed up in only 20 min. with a suitcase-nuclear powered battery starter to get us out of there on Sunday evening when all the usual attempts at jump-starting off another car failed. (Still puzzling over that one.)

    Rant – Sharing the place with nine 13 year old girls.

  • Big Rant: Got out of my car this morning and stepped on a ginkgo seed (a/k/a stinkbombs)!! I had to scrape my shoe off for a good 5 minutes before the smell would go away. I looked up and down the block and there were telltale pods beginning to litter the ground. Let’s hope its not as bad as last year when there were so many on the sidewalks that you had to walk down the middle of the street holding your breath. The pod juice can take the paint off of your car if they sit on it unattended all day. When I was little, the worse thing you could do was gather these things up and throw them at somebody you hated. Ish.

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