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  • I’m angry that someone can kill another on a DC Street, continue to break the law and only get 180 days in jail.


  • Anyone claim that Petworth pooch poodle from about ten days ago?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yes it was reunited with its family:


  • I am excited for pumpkins!

  • YES. pumpkin everything!!

  • And how about Olive? Did she find her way home?

    PoP, you should seriously consider the occasional adoption drive. Folks here seem to love pets.

  • Rant: Stupid people in Lanier heights slashing car tires and the 10 hour flight home I get to do on Sunday.
    Rant p2: the pseudo food poisoning I got from the fish I ate last night…gross.

    Rave: Coming home, but also going on a pretty cool trip considering it was for work.

  • This stupid illness that has taken over my body. I’ve felt sick since Sunday and now it’s just lingering. GO AWAY.

    Double yes to pumpkin everything!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yes Olive was found as well.

  • Dinna dinna dinna dinna di…today is my birthday!!

  • If you haven’t ever been there, you should totally check out Butler’s Orchard this coming month. It’s a working orchard and they have hay rides and pumpkin cannons and kids crafts. It’s been around since I was a kid (probably much longer) and it’s a fun day. It’s way out in Germantown, so you’ll have to zipcar it there, but it’s a lot of fun and the pies are delicious. Incidentally, in December they have cut your own xmas trees and we did that last year. The dog got a good run around in the fields and we got a gorgeous tree for like $50 vs. the $200 trees in Chevy Chase, etc.

  • I am so pissed at myself for scratching up my up my new car!! Its huge and I’m a dumba$$ and it’s no one elses fault but myself. Why am I such a f*cking idiot?!?!

    And the last question is rhetorical!

  • Herb- I dont know all the facts and I notice the article you linked to doesnt mention any which I find interesting. It was my understanding that the victim provoked the defendant with an ass grab or something of that sort. Then the defendent turned and threw a couple punches one of which knocked the victim out and he died when his head his the sidewalk. Which yes is a horrible horrible thing. But the Blade is reporting this as though it was a premeditated unprovoked hate crime. I dont think a kid needs to serve 30 years in jail for the accidental death of anyone gay or straight that he punched after an unwanted physical advance. It just seems to me that the blades coverage is more biased even then we should assume. They even bring up a prior shop lifting charge to paint the defendant as a delinquint. what does shop lifting have to do with this? The kid is 19 who the hell doesnt shop lift when they are 19?

  • Rant: When I read comments like Herb’s I wonder why the US Prosecuters in DC are so willing to let people, and children, get away with murder and violent gun use all the time. Why Why Why? They let a 14-yr old kid who committed felonious acts against me years ago get away with nothing, nothing, nothing at all. Giving a meager 180 sentence for murder is a crime too, or at least it should be! We should do a dossier on the lame Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services managers as well as the lame attorneys in the prosecuters office who continually let us down by letting the bad guys caught red handed get away with murder and gunplay.

  • Anon@ 12:33, please keep your ignorant comments to yourself

  • Griping about light sentences? Blame Phil Mendelson. Read about Ransom Perry and his murder of 14 year old Arthur Daniels, which was basically blessed by the USAO and Mendelson by way of light sentences (or none at all) for prior offenses.

    You can vote out Mendelson next year, which is your only chance to influence the criminal justice system really.

  • Grumpy, I know absolutely zero about this case, but 12:33 made a pretty lucid argument. (And I say that with my well-known bias against anomymous posters.) You could perhaps say that his/her comments were not factual, but I would hope you’d back that up.

  • RAVE: After getting a stupid seat belt violation ticket this summer, I decided to fight it. I had my seat belt on, but sort of under my arm. The cop didn’t like that and I got ticketed anyway. My court date was today. Sure, I had to take off work, wait for about an hour to see a hearing officer, but the ticket was thrown out. No fine, no points, no nothing. Absolutely worth it to go and not just give up and pay.

  • I think it’s terrible that someone died from a punch to the face… But if I look at it from a different viewpoint: If a girl were to be sexually assaulted by a straight man, and she punched him in the face, and he fell, hit his head, and died, I would hope that the girl wouldn’t be charged with manslaughter. It might seem to be a stretch of self-defense, but I think it is viable. Now, I do NOT agree with any form of violence that may be directed at any person of any sexual preference, but it seems as though this was not a premeditated act.

  • Rave: Walked in this morning and only one manager (the good one) was in the office.

    Rant: It turns out the other managers were in an early meeting and now they’re all present and accounted for making busy work, because they can, on an otherwise nice friday.

    Rant: Stupid neighbors blocking my walkway with their car because they are too f—ing lazy to move their trash cans out of the street in front of their own house and all four of them have walked by them numerous times.

    Rave: My applauding other neighbors when I got fed up and threw their stupid trash cans up on the sidewalk in front of their house.

  • rant- crossing guards. Do we really need them? or as many of them? Busy streets I understand but do parents not teach kids to look both ways anymore? the ones in my neighboorhood basically sit around all morning.

  • Rant: The M-Audio Microtrack II is a rotten piece of turtle shite. Shoulda went with the Edirol.

    That’s it. Just a rant. No raves until summer finally dies for good and it’s at 58 degrees max. Then we’ll talk about being happy.

  • Well Grumpy I may be ignorant of the facts as they occured and am interested to learn more about the chain of events. Thats why I’m posting. I do wonder if the roles were reversed. The black 19 year old shopplifting hoodlum grabbed the gay guys ass. Gay guy swings around and unleashes a couple well placed hits and the “thug” goes down and cracks his head. Then what would the blades coverage be? “Gay man attacked by thug defends himself with mortal force”? Im not going to lie the whole thing kinda smacks of latent racism to me. I know I know Im just anti gay right? I can’t help but think of a time I punched a guy in adams morgan one night. He was well intoxicated and got in my face for no reason. close enough that his chest was touching mine and the spit from his words was wetting my face. I clocked him and moved on. So I read something like this and think. what if he stumbled back and died. Should I have been thrown behind bars for 30 years? or am I safe because I’m white? Forgive me for playing devils advocate but I would like to know more if anyone can link to an actual article with more facts.

  • Rave: The HBO tv show “Big Love” will be filming in DC this weekend…and I get to be in it!!

  • i regret voting for Fenty.

  • yes, trinidad t, we need crossing guards.
    cars make right hand turns without stopping. they run lights. they stop in the crosswalk forcing kids to cross in traffic. crossing guards help these situations.

  • Ignorant: Whether the sexual assault happened or not, I think sexual assault by anyone on anyone is repugnant. There’s no real factual evidence either way. It could be a twinkie defense or it could have happened. There are only 2 people that know for sure, and one of them is dead.

    Regarding punching someone and killing him: I think most of us that grew up with Perry Mason and Matlock, CSI and Law & Order, but no formal legal training would consider that negligent manslaughter. If you punch someone, hit someone while speeding, or any of the other completely preventable accidents, you should go to jail for a year. That applies to the kids too. I’m sorry, but violence of that kind is completely avoidable.

  • Anonymous @12:33: “The kid is 19 who the hell doesnt shop lift when they are 19?”

    Umm, basically anyone who isn’t a criminal.

  • ragged dog,

    across the board sentencing doesn’t really make sense.
    people die in car accidents all the time and the drivers dont serve time.
    if you kill someone in self defense why should you serve time?

    if someone break in my house and i clock them with a bat, should i serve time if they die?
    now, if i continually pummel them to a bloody pulp and they die, that might be a different thing….

    my wife has had her ass grabbed in public, and has hit people that did it. if they died as a result i would become a criminal myself if she had to serve time for that.

    that said, i can’t judge the case in question.

  • @Ragged Dog – I agree with what you said about the negligent manslaughter (involuntary?), but I do have a question… If this was actually a legitimate defense, and the “sexual assault” did happen, how would you go about proving it? Or, I guess this is a better question, to what extent do you have to prove it? Is a witness proof enough? Not trying to stir things up, I’m just interested as to how you would prove self defense.

    @Anon5 – thank you for saying that! Totally agree.

  • What ever happened to the borf crew guy that served time?

  • Ragged dog is right on the law. One factual error–there are some witnesses who were there and saw the entire incident:

    “Police say Hunter, who was walking to the now renamed gay club BeBar with a friend, died from a massive head wound he suffered after he fell to the ground and hit his head on the pavement.

    Hannah told police he punched Hunter in self-defense after Hunter allegedly touched Hanah’s crotch and butt while the two men crossed paths on the street.

    A friend of Hunter’s, who was walking with Hunter at the time of the incident, has insisted that Hunter never touched Hannah and the assault was unprovoked. The friend has said Hannah and three other young men attacked him and Hunter for no apparent reason. The friend has asked that his name be withheld.

    Gay activists and the local group Gays & Lesbians Opposing Violence have expressed outrage that police and prosecutors appear to believe Hannah’s version of what happened rather than the account given by Hunter’s friend.

    They say it would be inconceivable that Hunter would sexually proposition a stranger walking with a group of other men on a dark street while walking to a gay bar.

    A police affidavit says investigators interviewed at least two other witnesses.

    One, who told investigators he has known Hannah for several years, corroborated Hannah’s version of events. Another witness, according to the affidavit, gave an account similar to that of Hunter’s friend, with no mention of an alleged sexual proposition by Hunter.

    Police initially charged Hannah with voluntary manslaughter, a felony that carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in jail. A judge later lowered the charge to involuntary manslaughter after prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s failed to present Hunter’s friend’s version of events — that no sexual proposition took place.”


  • Sorry if i wasn’t clear, I agree with you on self defense and home invasion. Everyone else should go to jail including your wife in that situation. People who get in car accidents while speeding should go to jail. –Not forever, just long enough to know that you just destroyed someone else’s family. I think it’s either the first or second day of kindergarten where you learn to keep your hands to yourself and maybe it’s the third or fourth day where you learn to ignore people who just run their mouths.

    It’s silly that you can go to jail for doing drugs, but not for killing someone with a car.

  • i respectfully disagree with you about self defense. and i will continue to encourage my wife, and all women to fight back, especially when grabbed, pulled, or yanked. sometimes a punch to the face, throat or groin is what may save your life. and when someone grabs you, you don’t know whats next.

    other cases are not as cut and dry as they always appear.
    some deserve jail time, some do not. across the board sentencing without respect to the specifics is unwise.

    i do however appreciate your pacifism. i also feel that the stronger you are the more you are free to be a pacifist, if that makes sense….

    again, and just so im clear, i’m not talking about the Hunter case. i dont know enough.

  • How can I be an extra in the DC filming of “Big Love”???

  • sorry to annoy you herb.
    its just a conversation.

  • Well, since we’re talking lost dogs, what about the little black Havanese that some kids took from an elderly man? Was there any news on that?

    I’ve thrown out the idea of doing animal adoption posts to PoP but didn’t want to conflict with the pet contest that was going on at the time. Glad to hear that at least one person thinks it’s not a bad idea.

  • Rave: I’m off today which has allowed me to take the dogs for two walks already. Both times, I went by the new civic plaza which I love.

    Rant: My dogs keep finding chicken bones. Why can’t certain people learn to use trash cans. There are trash cans at almost every corner. Quit throwing your F-in chicken bones on the sidewalks. Why can’t you F-in learn to use a trash can?!?!?

  • @H You can contact Central Casting, and they usually hold open calls for people who want to be extras. It’s a fun way to make a little cash on the side.

  • Rant: I am tired of global economic meltdown, market manipulation, leverage, CDS, CDO, tranches, spv, off balance sheet, credit markets, TARP, Recession/Depression inflation/deflation, etc etc. Im tired of a market going up on declining volume, hft, casinos, and the vix.
    The only thing we have learned is that economists dont know shiat, bankers dont know risk, gov doesnt know regulation and home owners dont know finance. I would like to sleep for a while. Move someplace where i cant speak or read the language. Someplace w/o inputs.

    Rave: kids new Thomas the train set is cool, and we are having fun. Almost time to break out the Elvis costume, carve pumpkins, go on the hayride.

  • Totally unrelated, but does anyone know what happened this morning on Georgia Ave near Kenyon? There was crime scene tape and rumors of a shooting but I haven’t been able to find out anything concrete.

  • home-owner, my dog is the master of slyly picking up the bones. She’ll even hold them in her mouth for a minute before crunching them, if it helps her get away with it. As for why people can’t use trash cans, well, welcome to DC. Toilets are also largely optional, and murder is really only lightly frowned upon.

  • @home-owner & Pennywise:

    I KNOW! What is with the freaking chicken bones in this city. That’s been an annoyance of mine for years. My dog can sniff ’em out from 20 yards away. One day when she swallows one and it splinters off and ruins her puppy insides, imma become a chicken wing vigilante, waiting on streets to catch these people and their lazy, shameless act.

  • Rave: I scored some Yeah Yeah Yeahs tickets for tonight.

    Rant: Wonder if I’m too old for it.

  • Sorry asl, but once you start worrying about that, you already know the answer.

  • Indeed, Jimmy D.

  • Chicken bones aren’t just a DC thing. I moved here from Baltimore, where I fought the same problem walking my dog. The funny thing is I never actually SEE anyone walking down the street eating chicken wings…

  • anon 12:33

    Perhaps you shop life, but most people don’t.

  • even my roof has chicken bones on it.
    backyard. font yard. chicken wings.

    whole lotta chicken wing eatin going on by people that like to eat while walking or while in alleys.
    at least the dudes in cars that park and eat in front of my house have the decency to keep the bones inside the bags that they dump in the gutter/treebox.

  • Rant: A gay panic defense should not be given any credence whatsoever. If we’re using hypothetical scenarios: Would a year in prison suffice for a gay man who claims he beat a woman, resulting in her death from his punches sending her crashing into a sidewalk, if his excuse is that he was spooked by her grabbing his ass? Please. This guy does not need to be roaming the city.

    Rave: Cool weather; end of fiscal year bonuses; good health.

  • Rant: Walked by the dog park at 17th & S. There were way too many dogs in such a small place and it reaked! So much for the fake grass covering the stench. My sympathies to those who live near its perimeters particularly if the wind is blowing in the direction of 16th street.

    Rave: Fall is in the air. Great walking weather.

  • Home-owner- People probably put their chicken bones in the garbage cans, it’s the rats that take them out and leave them around the city.

  • while the rats pull the bones out of the trash cars, its still no joke that people do not use trash cars as often as they should in dc.

    i see people avoid trash cans to throw trash in the gutters. people truly believe this is acceptable.
    they feel that the city will clean it up, and thats what the city is for.

    the street clean will eventually come so its okay. someone gets paid to clean so its actually helping people keep their jobs.

    i think people dont maliciously litter ( most of the time… i’m looking at you MD tags…) but that they just have no sense that garbage ends up in the river, in the throats of birds, blocking our sewer systems that causes flooding…etc…

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