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  • Congrats on your first successful week

  • sorry, I mean first week of being the full-time PoP

  • Rave: Amazing vacation to Tulum, Mexico. Went snorkling at Dos Ojos (one of the largest freshwater, underground river systems in the world. Absolutely amazing. Enjoyed the beautiful weather, delicious food and the warm, blue waters of the Gulf. Highly recommend a trip to Mexico (the Riviera Maya).

    Rant: coming back down to earth after vacation.

  • Rant: Having to move from Shaw to Alexandria

    sheepish Rave: I like it, and my stress levels have decreased dramatically

  • Rave: I dropped my sweatshirt in the stairwell of my building and someone picked it up, and put it on the railing. Thank you for not taking it!!!! I love that sweatshirt!

  • Rant: H St NE, the Atlas District, the future for real estate speculators, has NO TREES. Instead they have these painted wooden H things. Who’s bright idea was that? I guess they’re planters, but then someone went and planted crabgrass in them. WTF? Who plants crabgrass intentionally? This place has a long way to go before it becomes the next Bloomingdale.

  • Rant: I have two prospective tenants for my rental apartment and can’t decide between the two – I think both will be equally good tenants.

    Rave: Lovely weekend at the park.

  • Rant: The cretin(s) who stole my trash can this week. Called the city to inquire about a replacement and I have to first file a police report (for a trash can!) and then send a copy along with my check for $20 to have a replacement delivered.

    Rave: Surprised the heck out of me but had an amazing time at a bowling party at College Park Lanes this wk/end.

  • The tree-sculpture things at 14th and Park are getting solar panels! First ones were up this morning. I wonder what those panels are powering? Plaza lights? The fountain?

  • @Urban Critic, Frozen Tropics has a post that’s comments explain the Hs: http://frozentropics.blogspot.com/2009/09/brought-to-you-by-letter-h.html

  • Rant: All of the bosses keep walking around the office making it impossible to read PoP decently. Jeez, here they come again! Stay in your f—– office already!

  • Rant: I am very disillusioned and bored right now.

    Rave: At least I have a job & health care.

    Rant: my new place is $$$

    Rave: it’s quiet compared to the old one

  • @MK – thank you for making me laugh…

  • rant: my newish fridge shorted out and smoked this morning, loudly, so much for nice appliances.
    my office also shorted out and smoked this morning, but that is normal.

    rave: I think I will get a deck put on the house.

  • Rant: I think I’m getting sick 🙁

    Rave: great weekend – rescued a stray doggie on Saturday morning – took him to the animal shelter/SPCA to turn him in, got massages later that day, the bf bought a bike so we can go on bike rides together, went on a 10 mile ride on Sunday then watched football 😀

    @MK – also made me chuckle!

  • @Kay: shhhhhhhhhhh……

    Rant: just spilled my iced coffee all over my desk.

    Rave: it’s Monday!!! (just kidding, that’s a rant)

  • Rant: my parents routinely withhold information from me so as not to upset me. frankly, it’s exhausting and upsetting once i finally get the facts. every time this happens i express frustration and yet it happens again and again and again. and now i learned of “something” and my father asked me to withhold the information from my older brother who has “a lot going on” – yes, my brother is expecting a child but come on! why must we keep secrets?

    Rave: at least its a beautiful day.

  • @superdude – you are right let me rephrase:

    no one should go there – it’s an awful, awful place 😉

  • Rave: I only have one rant

    Rant: I only have one rave

  • @ Allison – not sure what trash zone you live in… I have the small trash can and have repeatedly gone on the city website to request a new one… it’s usually put on my front porch within a week or so… maybe the budget shortfalls have changed the process, but I’d give it a shot.

  • Kay where did you stay in Tulum? I’ve always wanted to go there.

  • @MK – I cannot tell you – only kidding – while this may sound hokey to some – we stayed at all inclusive resort called Dreams. It was amazing – while kind of far from the Cancun airport just shy of two hours – it was worth it. The place was so much fun, great pools, activities, literally meters to the beach. And the food and drinks were very good as well.

  • Rant – Someone stole our plant from our front steps last night..a$$holes.

    Rave – Had a productive weekend!

  • Rant: Oh my God Kay, the place looks amazing. Now I really, really don’t feel like sitting here in cube jail. I want the beach.

  • MK – book now – the weather was perfect – a little hot, but other than that amazing. It is low season, for obvious reasons (huuricane season and there is still that whole swine flu thing) so there are deals to be had, plus with less than full occupancy, you get really, really personal service. Anyway – we had a great time. I cannot say enough good things about it.

  • Rant: Why did I sign up for overtime on the nicest Saturday afternoon ever?!
    Rave: Took yoga class with the 2-year old at Yoga Chai, very fun.

  • Rave: A site where one can report both stolen plants and stolen pets.

    Rant: I really don’t have any, our President kicks ass, Congress seems to be in good hands for the moment, and the world is almost, well not really, but almost, at peace.

  • I miss the coolest pet contest — where else can I turn to for adorable pet pics?

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