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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant: I had to break up two fights at a bar last night because white people don’t know how to handle their liquor in public.

    Rant: I hate how PoP never posts any of my comments. I really think the moderator is racist and caters to a pro-white gentrifier base.

    Rave: Being back in school, at an HBCU, is awesome! I should have gone this route in the first place.

    Rave: PoP hipped me to this lounge called Lounge of Three on U Street and i ended up becoming a bartender through that. Fucking awesome bar!

  • Thanks to all who came to the book sale at Petworth Library on Saturday, sponsored by the Friends of Petworth Library. We raised over $1,000! The funds will help us support library activities. If you are on Facebook, consider joining to get up-to-date information on our happenings:

    Thanks again!

  • Some a**holes stole my car from right behind my house!!

    Lock your fences, people. Criminals abound in the PW.

  • Rant: Jamal’s ignorant and racist comments.

    Rave: I’m not Jamal.

  • Rant: Another top ten day for sailing and I am stuck behind a desk while my boat sits at dock ready to go.

    Rave: I have a job and can almost pay all my bills!

  • Rant: Those repulsive heart/worm statue things all over town. Thanks a lot, Colombia. Way to improve your image.

  • Rant: New living situation stress on multiple levels… the girlfriend is the dumbest smart person and/or the smartest dumb person I know.

    Rave: New job continues to rock, really excited for my new apartment, seeing forementioned frustrating lady this weekend, burritos.

  • rant: hearing a handful of gunshots last night as I rode through Sherman Circle last night.

    rave: i didn’t get hit by any stray rounds.

  • RANT: Work decided not to schedule me a lunch, but if I leave early to take my 1/2 hour, then I get in trouble.

    RAVE: I brought my lunch, so I can eat at my desk and not starve.

  • Rave: great weekend – went to H Street Country Club Saturday night – really fun! Great margaritas 😀 and I didn’t totally suck at pool as I thought I would – geometry is still my friend!

    Rant: I really really really want that loft that PoP posted after this RRoR, but I’m not that rich and my lease isn’t up til next June.

    That brings up another question: seeing as I’ve been reading PoP since I moved to DC, and I live downtown, which was fun for my first 2 years living here, I’m thinking of moving to Petworth, Columbia Heights, or Adams Morgan once this lease is up. Is the crime any worse up there than it is around Thomas Circle/Logan Circle/Shaw (I’m at 12th & Mass)? I see all the shootings that PoP posts and while it makes me nervous, my apt in philly probably had the same number of shootings around when I lived there. Also, the rents just HAVE to be cheaper! Right!?!

  • Rant #1: Being ignored by a person whose feedback is really important to me.

    Rant #2: I’m stuck on the aforementioned person’s procrastinating timeline.

    Rant #3: The light at the end of the tunnel that should be blinding me by now is still only a pin prick.

  • Rant: gave my boss some meeting materials weeks and weeks ago. I had to reminder her the meeting is tomorrow and had she looked at the stuff. Less than 24 hrs to meeting and she is not happy with materials…oh well she can deal with it as I gave her weeks and weeks to look at the stuff.

    Rave: volunteered at that Nations Tri this weekend. I am totally psyched to do it next year. This was my introductory year doing tris and I have drunk the cool-aid. I’m hooked!

    Rant/Rave: getting hooked on tris has cost me a lot of money, but now I have some great gear.

  • Rant: tea baggers

    Rave: knowing that I am smarter than them and have more compassion for individual well-being (even though I lack religious beliefs).

  • Rant: Girls are nuts…every last one of them.


  • Rant – had to really clean the snake cage today.
    Rave – Fresh newspaper on the bottom and the next big poop is gonna be smack on the “teabaggers.”

    J.Con. – sorry about your car. Keep checking DMV online to see if it gets any parking tickets. Especially if it was an older model, a lot of car thefts here are more or less joy riders who then abandon or crash the car. The police never notice, but the parking people do.

    I’ve found 3 stolen cars just by noticing they were sitting unusually long or parked in the wrong place (like an alley! 3 days and the police never ran the plates!) We had a stolen car parked in front of our house for a month – I reported it several times with no action. It got 4 parking tickets. Finally after it was broken into by someone else, I went in and found a dry-cleaner receipt with the owner’s name & phone number. Boy was she surprised!

  • @victoria – are you formerly the commenter “victoriam”?

  • Mal: The Metro Police site has a query section where you can see the type of crime and number of occurences. http://crimemap.dc.gov/presentation/query.asp

    Rant: People who make rash generalizations based on race or gender.

    Rave: Arts on Foot this past weekend. Bought myself a gorgeous necklace, and chatted with a unique artist from Mongolia which brought back fond memories of my trip there years back.

    Rave2: Beeyouteeful weather makes me happy!

  • Rave: Glorious Sunday at Turtle Park with the little ones. Hubby grilled up some great steaks too. Loving the weather!
    Rant: Wish the parks in our hood were as shady and nice. Mosquitos in PW are still brutal.

  • Sorry guys, I’m having a rough week. Just broke up with my boyfriend.

  • Thanks Nita! That will help with my relocation (in 8 months haha, I’m ready to get outta my current apt)!

  • No R&Rs these days, everything is fine.

  • Rant: The AC is mysteriously not working today, the windows don’t open, and the sun is streaming in my window. SAUNA!

    Raves!: Saw The Barber of Seville at Nationals Park on Saturday evening. T’was a beautiful evening to be outside, even though it was cloudy. Then yesterday was BEAUTIFUL–perfect for a round of disc golf followed by people-watching in Dupont.

  • Rave: The glorious 80 minute massage I got on Sunday.

    Rant: The hour long ride on metro this morning with no air conditioning or any kind of air circulation whatsoever. I thought maybe that one car was malfunctioning but the other car I jumped into was even worse.

  • Rant: only took one week for someone to put graffiti (adding an ugly spray painted “street” underneath Kenyon) on the absolutely gorgeous mural on the Irving Street wall next to Harriet Tubman. If they ever catch anyone else doing that, I really hope they get sentenced to a LOT of hours of really, really unpleasant community service. To mess up all that hard work, by a teacher and his/her students, is just an a**hole move.

    Rave: that a teacher would take the time to create this gorgeous mural, knowing that it would inevitably be so defaced.

  • Rave: Just bought a bag of good ganja, don’t have to study tonight. Also, many shows coming up (Om, Saint Vitus, Eyehategod) in October!!!

    Rant: Three days left in the week and it’s gonna rain for a while.

  • Rave: Just bought a bag of good ganja, don’t have to study tonight. Also, many shows coming up (Om, Saint Vitus, Eyehategod) in October!!!

    Rant: Three days left in the week and it’s gonna rain for a while.

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