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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I

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  • Rave: Meetings cancelled, time for lunch.

    Rant: women of course. If anyone knows of an alternative, please let me know.

  • rave: five days to vacation in Tulum, Mexico

    rant: I do not a PoP t-shirt to wear.

  • Rant: St. Ex stopped serving BBQ pig way before the advertised 5 o’clock cutoff! Was there at 2:45, and didn’t get any!

  • Rave: Indian buffet lunch day!

    Rant: Crappy weather on Labor Day.

  • Rant: Still pissed they moved “The Awakening” from Haines Point to National Harbor.

  • Fall is approaching!! My absolutely favorite time of year!!

  • meant to say “I do not have a Pop t-shirt to wear”

  • RANT – THe new donatelli development on Georgia Ave. had a party on Friday night. The music sounding from the roof made my windows rattle until 1:00am. Called the police, spoke with the security guard, but I ended up suffering all night.

  • …And it was a great party too!! I was there and we had a fab time! The view of DC from rooftop patio at Georgia and New Hampshire is amazing!!

  • Rant – The above picture reminding me of how much I hate the fact that The Awakening was moved. Now it’s a playground for annoying children in a crappy convention center development.

    Rave – It’s almost fall.

    Rant – A Project Manager tried to cut my Labor Day short and getting me to work yesterday (emailed at 3, expected to work at 4).

    Rave – I didn’t have my BlackBerry on me, so I didn’t get his emails until 10 PM last night 🙂


    Rave: Husband coming home tonight, after almost two weeks away!

  • Who are these John and Kate and eight people? Why do they appear in every magazine, newspaper, tv news/entertainment show, morning news programs, etc. that I happen to catch a glimpse of? Who are they and will they please, please go away?

  • Rave: Went to the DCHD in Anacostia today to finish the paperwork part of getting my basic business license so I can rent my house. Was in and out in 7 mins.

    Rant: Fall is coming. Hate fall. Hate chill in the air. Hate leaves falling down and clogging the gutters and sewers.

  • OOps! That’s DHCD (the Department of Housing and Community Development).

  • Rant: Work is mega crazy and my calves ache from all the uphill/downhilltastic walking I did last week in sandals.

    Rave: My calves hurt from “uphill/downhilltastic walking” because I was in ISTANBUL with three of my favorite girls having the time of our lives. I now own: a small Turkish rug, 2 types of amazing curry, a hookah, 3 boxes of Turkish Delight, and a bag of saffron so large that I can barter small amounts for all kinds of stuff. Or I can make paella forevah.

    rg- The other alternatives would be men or nicer gals, I’d say…

  • Nthing the rants about the Awakening moving out of our fair city to no-man’s land. Boo.

    Rant: Fitting in five days worth of work in four.

    Rave: Rain didn’t last long enough to ruin our awesome Pullman Strike memorial barbeque!

  • DC WASA … has anyone had to deal with a backed up line in the middle of the road governed by the city, and how did that work out for you? What kind of battle am I in for as far as who pays what and when will it get fixed?

  • rg: The only alternative I know is to develop a taste for dong. Or animals, I guess.

  • Thanks for the feedback Maeela and RJ (lol, nicely worded). I like my animals rare, preferrably with a cold bevy, paella too.

    As for nice girls, that isnt the problem. Its my ability to make a perfectly nice girl mean. Its a gift. Here is a conversation from last night
    rg: “Sorry I snapped at you”.
    grl: ” I am sorry you’re an ass”

  • rg – Damn, that’s cold. At least she was witty?


    I prefer my men bearded and hungry. Like to cook for the folks I hang out with.

  • Rant: Turkish delight. It’s not delightful. It’s a giant disappointment. After reading the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, I thought it would be something like the best english toffee. It’s not. (TD notwithstanding, the trip sounds awesome maeella!)

    Lady: If the blockage really is in the middle of the street, the city will come out and fix it, and it costs you nothing. In my experience, the WASA guys are really prompt and courteous and work all hours. HOWEVER… I think you need to get a plumber in to determine the location of the blockage before the city will come out. Once the plumber says it’s not on your side of the property line (and remember that for most DC houses, the property line starts at your porch, not at your sidewalk) THEN the city will send their guys.

  • Rave: The move is OVAH. Thank God.

    Rant (for all the rest of y’all): even though I live in another state for the time being, I still plan to haunt this board, post 1,000 times a day, and needle Nate and Neener. But that’s just because I lurve them.

  • Rave: Spent a luxurious three-day weekend doing NOT MUCH of anything. Lounging, sleeping, watching movies…it was great. I didn’t even mind the rain.

    Rant: Only a four-day work week! I have an event tomorrow for which I am NOT prepared.

    Rave: French onion veggie straws from Whole Foods! And a boss who listens. Both of these things made my day a bit easier.

  • One more rant: Inglorious Basterds. Ugh.

  • WDC – great news…WASA is drilling tomorrow. This may not be as bad as I thought. Thanks for the bode of confidence. I freak way too easily these days.

  • WDC – Before this trip I would have agreed with you, but honestly it’s really about getting good Turkish delight. Like wrapped up in coconut or with pistachios in it. I have some seriously delicious stuff at my house that my friends tried (who weren’t fond of Turkish Delight before hand) and they loved it.

    That said, there’s always the baklava I brought:)

  • Rant: I’m severely sick of my neighbors. They sound like elephants romping around, screaming and yelling. It is driving me crazy.. THEY are driving me crazy. Why can’t people respect general quiet hours?

    Rave: Boyfriend is back safe and sound after a crazy mountain biking trip.
    I had an awesome weekend doing not much of anything.
    I saw my sister over the weekend and discovered Boordy Vineyards around Lock Raven Reservoir—SO AWESOME! I bought a case of wine, it was so good.

  • Mike O “Now it

  • New to the Area –

    Rave – Chinatown, Adams Morgan, U Street, Georgetown…love the area who knew DC partied like this.
    Rave – Sweet Mango Cafe, Jerk is incredible
    Rant – Condos = Expensive

    Someone please help me by finishing this statement, “if you like POP blog you will also like…”

  • @JoeEsq which development? More importantly, which bar?

  • @JoeEsq

    If you’re talking about Louis’ Rogue/The Arts at 5th and I, I believe the correct descriptor is ‘the last skanky strip club downtown.’

    (good riddance)

  • Someone please help me by finishing this statement,

  • Ahhh I’m back! I missed you guys 😀

    Rave Rave Rave: was in WA state for the dave matthews band concert at the gorge this past weekend… 3 shows and they were all freaking AMAZING! Rained sat/sun for tailgating, but it cleared up before the show/opener (g love) started! If you guys ever get a chance to see a show at the Gorge, go!!! I went with my brother and parents and we had the best time together. Amazing backdrop behind the stage with the columbia river cutting through the mountains… Oh man. I’ll be posting pics sometime soon, if you are interested I’ll put up the link on the next RRoR!

    Rant: I’m still on west coast time!

  • Someone please help me by finishing this statement,

  • Rant: the crappy quality of produce at the kalorama harris teeter these days. I drove all the way over there and bought $7 worth of strawberries, only to have to throw half of them out because they were moldy and squishy… and the moldy, squishy part was hidden from the outside. And then they way they packed my groceries, my tomatoes, apples, and bananas all came out bruised and brown.

    If you’re going to be a high-quality grocery store, you gotta NOT sell moldy food.

  • Harris Teeter will refund your money for bad produce.

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