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  • Rant: Having a second interview for a job last week and still not hearing back from the employer on a decision.

    Rave: Holiday weekend, unofficial end of summer, college football starting, beer

  • Bumfest benches have been dismantled

  • Rave: Closed on our house on Monday. It was a long, semistressful process right up to the end but it was worth it. Thanks, HipChickinDC

    Rant: We didn’t have water until Thursday but we survived!

  • Rant: Primary doc is converting to a “concierge”/”boutique” practice soon where patients have to pay a retainer fee to have her as a doctor, so I have to find a new doc b/c I can’t afford the fee on top of regular health insurance. If anyone has a doc they really like who takes BC/BS PPO, please let me know.

    Rant #2: I have a sinus infection and the above-mentioned doc left for Labor Day weekend a day early so I’m stuck until next week sometime sniffling and trying to pretend that my head doesn’t hurt.

  • Raves:
    Long weekend of baseball and bbq
    Fall is in the air
    Football is back (GO RAVENS! GO TERPS!)
    Dusting the crock pot off (thinking first stew of the season will be pheasant, inspired by an awesome wine I had last night @ Grape & Bean in Old Town – anyone know where I can get pheasant? FL Ave, maybe?)
    Put on pants for the first time since spring and they fit better now than they did then
    Dogsitting means 3 pups instead of 1

    Pretty much every weekend from now until sometime in late October is already scheduled. I hate that.

  • Rave: bought a new car!
    Rant: got a $30 ticket next AM for parking it in residential zone of which i am a resident.
    Rant: go to DC DMV to present what i think are needed forms to get residential parking permit. Am turned away for not having title work “in the system” for DC DMV to process permit request.
    Rant: dealer says it will be weeks until all processing is complete and i have all titlework and tags, etc. needed for residential parking permit.
    Rave: getting two-week visitor parking pass from MPD station took 3 minutes and will allow me to avoid $30 in fines each weekday for parking in front of my house.

  • Rant: Last friday some a hole backed into my car and then drove off. I got his plate number and I hope they give him a big nasty ticket. Although knowing MPD they wont waste their time finding him.

    Rave: Grad School started. Its going to be incredibly easy I think.

  • @ DC Chica Dr. Sikand on M st in the West End is my Gyno. Love her and she takes BC/BS PPO

  • @ Nichole – sometimes they have pheasant at Union Meats at Eastern Market

  • rave: I am planning my wedding!

    rant: Weddings are waaaayy too expensive. I can’t seem to get this thing planned on a budget. At. All. Anyone know of any great estates in VA to hold a wedding?

  • iliveinshaw, check out the Airlie Center. It’s a little conferencey, but the grounds are beautiful.

  • Emmaleigh504

    RAVE: My sister loved her present of an ice cream maker.
    RAVE: We are going to experiment with different ice cream recipes over the long weekend.

    RANT: All my friends live in the burbs. I need some city friends.

  • Rant: husband come homes from 3 week trip tomorrow. Brother gets married in a week. Weather is gorgeous.

    Rant: work is crazy busy. brother’s wedding is getting stressful. will the nice weather last?

    DC Chica – Go to a CVS Minute Clinic. There aren’t any in the city, but they’re all over VA and MD and they’ll hook you right up with meds for a sinus infection, and might even take your insurance. Even if they don’t the price is worth feeling better.

  • Oops, that first list was supposed to be a Rave.

    Rave: husband come homes from 3 week trip tomorrow. Brother gets married in a week. Weather is gorgeous.

    Rant: work is crazy busy. brother

  • my first summer in the district has been a learning experience as i was taught to say the district like the locals instead of dc. back in CA, we said Los Angeles instead of LA or California instead of Cali. in the first wk, i had to figure out if i lived in Bloomingdale or Ledroit Park. i’m certain many of my condo residents have also lost sleep with the same dilemma. a heated topic that surfaces quite often is gentrification. the Bloomingdale listserv recently had residents go back-n-forth on the term ghetto, which sparked some anger. if i have the listserv history correct, the first comment was filled sarcasm about a drunk driver acting like a ghetto shenanigan. the second comment was a longtime resident shouting in capital letters, “GO HOME!” finally someone even brought in the Jewish history to the term ghetto. what a riot! haha. almost funny enough to type “haha” in all capital letters but it takes too much effort to hold down the shift key or hit caps lock. awhile back, someone bashed the Bloomingdale farmers market. then came a wave of residents defending the BFM. personally, i love the lamb and the people who sell it. i would love to visit their farm and run around like a city slicker. for the weekend, it’s time to ride my bike and explore the city with my eyes and ears open and keep my mouth shut.

  • @emmaleigh — David Lebovitz’s “The Perfect Scoop” is a great cookbook of ice cream recipes, specially sized for standard ice cream makers. He also has a blog where he has several ice cream recipes:


  • I’m living in a group house and my landlord wants to raise the rent when we sign our new lease. It’s already on the expensive side, and I am going to argue against it. I know this stuff happens all the time and I shouldn’t whine about it, but I’m just wondering: Have any of you had your rents raised recently? Is this appropriate considering the current renting market?

  • @ Taylor: I guess it depends on the neighborhood, but that sucks. My rent’s actually been the same for a few years now, here in Petworth. Then again, it’s pretty common to go up a couple of percent a year. If he wants to raise the rent though, demand he repaint and hire professional cleaners and do all that stuff he’d do if there was a new tenant. That might lead you back to equal ground.

  • Thank you WDC – Airlie Center looks beautiiful – especially its pavallion. Thank you!!

  • Rant: Just rode the red line metro, and right before Gallery Place got to witness what almost became an all out fist fight between two well dressed professionals, seemingly over the white guy trying to sit down next to the black guy and bumping into him or something. Good grief fellas. Good thing a huge off duty metro supervisor was there to break it up, jeeze.

    Rave: Mandu spicy korean bbq for lunch.

  • @Taylor – that’s what gentrification does. Sucks to maybe become pushed out, right?

  • @Taylor – raising the rent is always appropriate if somebody is willing to pay for it. If the LL thinks they can get whatever rate they are asking then they have the right to do it. Their risk is that you will walk and nobody will want to take your place for that price, forcing them to sit on an empty property and lose more $ than they were asking for in the first place. Keep in mind that there is a cap on the annual %age rent increase in DC for existing tenants (I can’t remember the number).

  • Emmaleigh504

    @Christina Thanks for the link! So excited to make homemade ice cream!

    @Taylor my apt gave me $$$ to resign the lease b/c of the bad economy. Also inflation has to be at a certain % to raise the rent, but I don’t know how group houses are run, so it may be different.

  • Rant: Sexy Metro Riders who have bad breath & farts from eating spicy Korean BBQ.
    Rave: Long weekend boating, eating and chasing the babies at a friend’s place on the Potomac.

  • P.S. iliveinshaw: If you are also considering the Eastern Shore, The Miles River Yacht Club (St. Michaels) charges a very low site fee and they’ll arrange the food and bar.

  • Rave: Fall-like weather, College football watching (especially ND), heading home to PA for some of the long weekend, getting a job offer and no longer having to worry about being unemployed come October.

    Rant: nighttime noises (flora, fauna and drunks) X emergency sirens = no sleep last night. Hoping I can stay awake after work to drive up to PA.

  • @Abbey: thank you thank you! I haven’t lived anywhere with a CVS Minute Clinic so I hadn’t heard of them, but they look exactly what my poor head needs right now (I thought my only option was going to the emergency room, a prospect I was not looking forward to).

  • rave: schwein brauten last night and a short dance, old ebbitt lunch with the guys. Managing chaos for a living and making good pay. please keep the crisis coming.

    rant: the wife and the cat and the hoodrats.

  • Rave: Yesterday we had our annual work picnic at Sandy Point, and it was a beautiful day! Also proved myself an athlete in a rather heated game of softball.

    Rave: THE WEATHER!

    Rave: Just introduced to Twilight–omg, I am in love with Edward Cullen! Have spent the past three nights on my porch reading all about vampire love.

    Rant: Feeling depressed, overall. No motivation to do my job. Boyfriend troubles (but that’s nothing new). Just want to go home.

  • raves:

    a) I like my new job a LOT, and it has good benefits. one of which was that we left early today!

    b) Going on a date this weekend and am really excited about it. It’s a first date, but I have a feeling we’ll get along well.

  • To iliveinshaw:
    Please consider a Friday wedding. We paid about 35% less for the venue having it on a Friday early evening than a Saturday afternoon. Also, you can invite many guests knowing that a good majority won’t be able to attend because it’s on a Friday and many can’t travel — therefore less money on reception. The guests who weren’t able to attend sent great gifts instead. LOL, but it was a great way to save money and not offend anyone by not inviting them.

  • DC_Chica, there’s also MedicsUSA that has a clinic at the corner of 17th & R NW. You can walk in or make an appointment, they take some kinds of insurance & they’re open until 9:00 pm during the week & also have hours on the weekend.

    I’ve been there when I needed medical care over the weekend – I wouldn’t choose them for my primary care but it was better than going to the ER.

  • Iliveinshaw, I don’t know how fancy you want your wedding to be and I know you like VA but my friends got married at the U of Md chapel in College Park. The bride wore a gorgeous evening gown which looked better than any wedding dress. They told everyone to bring casual clothes to change into and held the reception in a friend’s huge back yard which was decorated to the max and had a major blow out barbeque. No one, except the bride & groom, left until 2 in the morning because everyone was relaxed, singing, dancing, eating and drinking. It was a complete blast.

  • Rant: That time the Prince of Petworth took the liberty of making an “Editor’s Choice” in the pet contest that my pet clearly won.

    Rave: Even if the PoP doesn’t like him, the people have spoke and my cat is the coolest!

  • Awww, Ike’s Mom’s grapes are sour.

  • @ Taylor, unless you think your current rent is below-market, I would definitely counter your landlord’s offer. Just say, “We really like the house but we’re only interested in renewing if we can resign at the same rent.” DC’s somewhat recession-proof, but the rental market here is still pretty soft right now.

  • @ Taylor, a landlord isn’t really managing their property right if the rent doesn’t ever go up…the price of maintenance always goes and so do taxes. That said, many landlords will try to make huge increases that really aren’t appropriate. Something along a cost-of-living increase that is less than 3-5% is definitely fair. If the increase is higher than that you can argue against it, but I’d advise against saying you don’t want to pay any increase. Your landlord could just say no thanks, and you’re out of a place to live. Unless the place is really run down, your landlord could proably replace you pretty easily.

  • @ Anon, actually in most of DC tax assessments (and therefore taxes) went down this year. Normally, yes, a 3-5% yearly increase in rent is totally normal, but not with 10% unemployment. And as one of the other commenters said, their rent went *down* this year. So I think offering to resign at the same rent is totally reasonable — the landlord might not go for it but they could at least end up somewhere in between what they’re currently paying and what the landlord wants to raise it to. And obviously they should check craigslist to make sure they would be able to find something else if they had to move.

  • http://www.drsgray.com in bethesda right off the red line takes sat walk ins

  • Thanks, everybody, for your comments! My landlord is only asking for 4%, but we’re also going to start paying sewage and electric (he had been paying those). I think it’s reasonable that he doesn’t want to pay for utilities any more, but the rent is already about as much as I can afford, and none of us have gotten any raises in the 18 months we’ve been there. I will continue to consider everyone’s thoughtful advice, but I think I have a pretty solid position here.

  • @ iliveinshaw – My husband and I got married and had our reception at the Fairfax Old Town Hall in Fairfax. It was very reasonably priced (only a couple thousand for the venue and that included tables and chairs) and we brought in our own caterer and our own booze which saved a ton of money considering that our friends are a bunch of drunks! My caterer (Jane Nordstrom of Thyme Savor Catering) was fabulous too – really tasty, reasonably priced food (for the DC area, anyway).

  • Rant: lack of coverage on the pedestrian getting hit at Conn and Fla Thursday, both in the MSN and on blogs. Sooo frustrating.

    Rant: such a lack of options in replacing condo’s a/c-heating because the space it goes into is so small and it is going to take FORever to get a new unit in stock. Why why why???

    Rant: people like me who distrust bloggers like this one, yet leave ranting comments anyway because there’s nowhere else to do so.

    Rave: summertime, Fall weather – please don’t go.

    Rave: people who don’t see things in terms of race, and/or resist the urge to do so, or at least tame it and understand it.

    Rant: invasive weeds and vines.

    Rant: Winter

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