Random Reader Query – Ever Get Drunk at Cosi?


A reader sent in this question and photo via twitter:

“Has anyone ever gotten drunk at Cosi?”

I think that’s a really good question. I guess it is a bit odd that Cosi sports a full bar. And it got me thinking, what’s the most random bar/restaurant/bookstore or random place you’ve ever gotten drunk? Chipotle?

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  • I’ve never even BEEN to cosi. for the win. thanks

  • Under the Klingle Valley Bridge with booze pilfered from a Kennedy Warren Ballroom event [we were 15].

  • My husband and I tried to have a drink at Cosi last Friday just for the people-watching and their bar selection was terrible.

    Back when Midwest Airlines had free wine I used to catch a ‘healthy’ buzz on a PM flight, but that doesn’t seem random because it was free wine on a plane (= duh).

  • No, but I got food poisoning from Cosi once — does that count?

  • Like every restaurant/bar/bookstore/etc, Cosi has a side that the customers never see. Better questions to which I can answer “yes”:
    Ever seen someone do meth out of a pen cap at Cosi?
    Ever seen a junkie devour an apple so fast he forgot his works at Cosi?
    Ever met Juliette Binoche at Cosi?
    Ever seen someone give a bj in the bathroom after painting over the excrement that wouldn’t come off the walls at Cosi?
    Ever asked the hostess to hide the gun her boyfriend asked her to hold onto at Cosi?
    Ever smoked pot at the bar in Cosi?
    Ever been dragged out of Cosi by a man proclaiming to be Jesus, Our Lord Christ while he chanted “hell hell hell these dykes aren’t well well well. YOU WILL DENY THE LORD ROAST BEEF?”

    Ahhhh, memories.
    Ever been asked to hold a lady’s baby while she throws tables and chairs at another lady?

  • how about a random place to be drunk?

    In college I went to an early morning mixer, drank way too many mimosas and went to my morning class skunk drunk. It was in a big lecture hall and I remember cracking up at nothing, trying to take notes but somehow I couldn’t make any letters which made me laugh even more.

    I lasted about fifteen minutes before I kicked myself out of class so I could go home and pass out.

  • I was pretty drunk during a tour of Dept of Justice in college. No one noticed.

  • There used to be a hot dog stand in the Pentagon City Mall food court called Frank n’ Stein that sold liter beers. Four of those while sitting next to families and shoppers…hilarity ensues

  • Coming through customs after an overseas trip, I forgot I had a lil bit of illegal substance in my backpack, just a dusting of powder, a bit of leftover CokeNotCola. MeNotSmart back then.

  • Oh where *haven’t* I been inappropriately drunk…

  • Whole Foods in Fair Oaks. We did the whole tour de force. First saki at the sushi bar, then some lagers at the BBQ pit, followed by some white wine with our freshly shucked oysters at the raw bar. Then I went upstairs put 20 bucks on my wine card and really went to town. Date night gone horribly wrong. ….And I have also gotten drunk at Chipotle.

  • Anon 5:34pm – Dude, pure poetry! ! !

    So why not sign your work of art? I don’t know if the Hunter S. could’ve done a better job!

  • Grocery store in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Hitchhiking to Alaska and got a 2 day ride with a trucker. No food anywhere – only beer – and we were all pretty hungry. (Well, there may have been pork rinds.) Unfortunately, things did get nasty, with skidding gravel and kicking the sh** out of the brothers of the girl with whom the driver slept while there, off the cab while escaping. There were some guns too, but the big, akward kind, and we were too drunk to really worry.

  • “Ever seen someone do meth out of a pen cap at Cosi?
    Ever asked the hostess to hide the gun her boyfriend asked her to hold onto at Cosi?
    Ever smoked pot at the bar in Cosi?”

    You worked at Dupont South the same time I did, I can tell.

  • yes, but it was called xoxoxoxox at the time, in dupont circle. grad school days. beers and studying. between work and school study sessions were as close to a life as i could get.

  • I’ll be that person. I’ve had a “healthy” buzz walking through the Capitol after hours. Receptions and interns were made for each other, guys.

  • Hell yes. I like to drink, a lot. I’m lucky that I don’t have an addictive personality and just genuinely enjoy drinking/bar culture.

    Most random place? I was a regular at a bar in Budapest called Sixtus Kapolna (Sistine Chapel). I adore my time there. Anyhoo, one time in Rome with my friend, who cooked amazing veg meals for the Sixtus (and who taught me that baking bread was actually an easy, every day activity) we got wildly drunk from our respective flasks at the real Sistine Chapel. It was great fun, and a terrific homage to the bar that we called home back in Budapest.

    As for Cosi, yeah, I’ve gotten drunk in the one @ Dupont and the one on M and 20th. And, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe the one in Bethesda.

  • I like to sneak beer into the movies, cans or bootles. Sucks when you lose one and it rolls all the way down to the bottom row.

  • The roof of one of those double decker buses that cruises around DC. Our “gatorade” would have smelled a bit like liquor if someone had been sitting close by. That was a lovely summer day, and the tour guide was surprisingly hilarious….

  • I’ve been drunk at a chipotle!

  • Anonymous at 5:34pm for the absolute win.

  • [email protected]:34 – painting over excrement – WTF?

    [email protected]:45 — try bringing a flask to the movies. Nothing is better than a Blue slushee with tequila ;P

    but seriously.. the question should really be what is the weirdest place you have NEVER been drunk.

  • No, but then I only ever have breakfast.

  • nicole – me thinks doth protest too much

    cold beers at chipotle rocked til they stopped serving

  • I’m drunk at my desk at work now. Does that count?

  • I’m glad someone mentioned Frank ‘n Stein. There’s nothing quite like getting drunk at the mall food court on a Saturday afternoon. This is probably why the franchise seems to have disappeared completely.

  • Back in the Day (mid-late 1990s), and before Cosi was Cosi and a major chain with delicious and fattening sandwiches, Cosi was XandO and only had a smattering of locations around the city, starting with Connecticut South of the Circle and Connecticut Avenue & R Street, NW. XandO was a cute little coffeehouse-by-day and coffeehouse/bar-by-night, that offered a charming environment, sit-down service and didn’t harass high-school age kids who smoked inside after school (major bonus to going to high school in Kalorama). The Cosis that still have full bars are a leftover from that time, but the atmosphere has totally changed from local start-up to corporate chain, and I’d be very unlikely to go to cosi for a drink

  • I miss the old xando locations. They were way cooler than Cosi.

  • Yes! But in college (7 or 8 years ago) when it was still called XandO’s. Oh, the memories.

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