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  • FYI, PoP, when you were standing at 5th and I looking at the synagogue, that’s the corner where DC North had written the article about the new development being built on an open lot.

    the church is UHOP. saints paradise is their cafeteria.

    that empty hole in the ground next to yale lofts is the second phase of the development (which, as you noted, isn’t quite moving forward right now).

  • saints paradise cafeteria is also probably the best soul food in the city, imo

  • Damn, POP, you are freaking adorable.
    Also the orange building there on the 400 block of M was the city’s 1st synagogue. It’s now a really sweet house.

  • does anyone know what’s up with the MPD building on 5th and New York across from the awesome block of white row homes with painted doors (around the -7 minute mark)? I heard that it’s not a station or anything and MPD just uses it for parking their vehicles in front of.

  • I always enjoy these. I hope U St. is on the short list!

  • POP it used to be quite common – before the advent of big grocery stores – to have the corner stores among the residential buildings. Refrigeration and such being what it was, people shopped smaller and more frequently than we do now. Between the big grocery stores and the outmigration to the burbs population for the neighborhoods is smaller and so a lot of those that are in more strongly residential areas have been converted into residences. I live on the Hill and you can definitely see that trend.

  • some rambling comments: Saints Paradise Cafeteria indeed has incredible naughty food…The row of white houses with the thankfully faded rainbow doors is owned by UHOP, its market rate rental housing. The police station does have people working inside, it used to be used for youth detention but now it houses the traffic division & ROC (regional operation command) Central. But yeah it looks like a parking lot:) Yale Steam Laundry was in operation until the 1970s…Lunar Massage does only over the clothes massage …delightful place & i hear they are doing well. The massive parking lot caddy corner from the strip club has no plans for development. It is owned by the Steuarts and they are landbanking indefinitely. The development you are referring to is at 5th & I, on the same block as the strip club. Its called “the Arts.” Jemal was the developer who put up the $ to restore the 6th & I st Synagogue, a nod to his heritage. Mt vernon Square, Triangle…why not circle? nice video, very enjoyable!

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