PoP Pho Patrol – Pho 14 Delivery Coming Soon


“Dear PoP,

Can you confirm that Pho 14 will start offering delivery next month? This will ALMOST make up for moving outside the Tono Sushi delivery range.”

I stopped by Pho 14, located at 1436 Park Rd. NW, and sadly delivery will not be coming until November. It was supposed to come in October but there was some difficulty with staffing. They think they will hire someone start delivery sometime in November. And for the real question – what is the delivery radius? 3 miles! That should hook a lot of us up.

In other Pho news, the new spot, possibly to be names Pho Viet, opening up at 3515 14th Street, NW still looks a few weeks away from opening. Stay tuned on both fronts.

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  • Pho 14 delivered.

    Pho real ?

    Phobulous !

    Life be good.

    Pho, like pho-ever.

  • oneof the best news i’ve gotten in a while! not to say that life is crappy,but to say that pho is THAT good

  • Pho-king awesome!

  • whats better than a big bowl of pho delivered to your door in cold weather? Also does anyone know if Pho 14 ever got their liqour license. would love to be able to go there and have a bah mi and a tiger beer after work

  • Just in time for me to get pho delivered on my pho king birthday! I’m soo excited. This will be soo much better than ordering from DC Noodles.

    OH and Dear Pho 14, when delivering your yummy pho, please keep the soup and noodles separate.



  • I’ll have a #1 and a #37. A Vietnamese place that offers Thai ice tea! Finally!

  • I have to say I fell in love before I had a bite of food there when I saw that they had the ice tea machine with the thing-a-majigger that puts the sealed plastic over the top. Sniff… remided me of H-Town.

  • YESSSS! I’m on the northern edge of downtown, and that puts me within the 3 mile radius! 2.3 miles to be exact 🙂

  • What about adding bubble tea? PoP? Any word on this yet? Me wants some bubble tea with me pho.

  • Just had a wonderful meal at Pho 14 earlier this afternoon.

    We were the only ones there for almost an hour.

    We were told delivery service starts in two weeks.

    Anyhow, we asked if the chilled condiments (the bean sprouts, onions, mint leaves, peppers) are going to be packaged and delivered separately from the warm broth.

    Turns out it is done that way already for carry out.

    Got some home for tomorrow.

    Instructions: Keep everything in refrigerator. Heat up broth well, then add chilled condiments.

    Not easy, but I gather Odentex approves of Pho 14 perhaps ?

    Thanks, PoP.

  • Pho 14 is the best Vietnamese noodles I have had in the District. There are two places in Beltsville, Pho 88 and Pho VN, that I like better partly because their prices are more realistic, but I’ll definately be back to Pho 14. I keep trying to find a reason to go out to the Eden Center, which all my H-Town peeps claim is the bomb and reminds them of midtown bayou city, but I haven’t made it out there yet.

  • Pho 14 makes me smile 🙂 This places seems to get better with each visit. I’m fortunate to have this gem near the neighborhood. It seems like their business is doing really well (yay for the locals).

    BTW, Take-out orders are quick and painless.

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