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  • Is that Dave Matthews in the right of this picture?

    Seriously though – love all these pictures from the drum circle and Meridian Hill Park in general. Not surprised that the good vibes find their way into so many cameras.

  • the ONLY time i took pictures at the drum circle, some psycho B came over and basically mandated that i erase all of them because she didn’t want her image popping up ANYWHERE. She pretty much killed it for me.

  • hey PoP, thanks for posting my picture.
    j, I had an incident with a commenter on my flickr stream yesterday. he (think it was a he) commented on several of the photos, saying that I was trying to steal their culture and that next time he saw me taking pictures, he’d take my camera. really aggressive and mean spirited (I deleted the comments). luckily, everyone seemed happy to have their photo taken on Sunday, but I have been angrily approached in other locations. I don’t let that deter me, but it definitely puts a damper on the experience. if someone doesn’t want their own photo taken, that’s one thing, but to restrict an entire event/experience is not cool.

  • There are a lot of very, very odd people who attend those drum circles at Malcolm X. Kind of takes the fun out of it for anyone who hasn’t been participating for 20 years.

  • Dude on the right isn’t Dave Matthews, he’s an up-and-coming drummer.

  • Yeah an odd bunch. If people don’t want their picture taken they shouldn’t expect to use a park owned by the public and then act like it’s it’s their private property.

    But it sounds like you’ve been cool with anyone who doesn’t want their photo taken.

    Side note: It’s interesting that we speak of TAKING someone’s photo. It implies that someone OWNS their own image – which I guess is how we customarily treat it. But do we OWN our image? If light bounces off us and then someone else collects it with a camera can we say it’s ours? Did we change the light and therefore have some sort of customary patent on it? It kinda goes to the root of the issue…

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