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  • Wow! Awesome photo. Awesome house! It looks empty. Does anyone know if it belongs to anyone?

  • It looks like someone bought it earlier this year and is going to fix it up, they petitioned the Historic Preservation office in the process (ah, how I love the Internet): http://www.planning.dc.gov/planning/frames.asp?doc=/planning/lib/planning/preservation/2009-06_hprb/181910thstreetnw.pdf

  • haha, DC Chica beat me to it… there was some issue that needed a variance if I remember correctly. Love cool old buildings getting fixed up though.

  • This use to be the neighborhood cat factory. I haven’t seen a feral cat in the neighborhood in a long time. Hopefully someone rescued them and had them all neutered/spayed and put into loving homes. Or humanely put down the ones that had kitty AIDS.

    Sometimes I miss all of the feral cats that use to roam my little neighborhood when I see a freaking rat eating a tomato in my garden. Freaking rats. Why cats did you have to go???

    Here’s to you Daddy Long Legs – you freaking nasty old tom cat, but damn were you an awesome ratter.

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