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  • American Art Museum / National Protrait Gallery

  • I love the woman carrying all those bags and the guy with the Starbucks cup.

  • An amazing 53 minutes before some tool (anonymous, of course) had to comment on the bride’s size.

  • Yeah, sadly, I knew it was coming. PoP, the above is an example of why registration for commenting isn’t a bad idea.

  • Great shot as usual Bogotron!

  • being married recently (almost a year!) this picture definitely does a good job of capturing how (despite everyone’s greatest efforts) the world does not stop drinking coffee, sitting around, chatting, etc. during the events surrounding your wedding.

  • I saw this girl inside the Portrait Gallery on Saturday! I was taking some friends in it to see the Presidents. She may have been taking pictures inside. (She didn’t seem too thrilled to be the bride.) Cool place to do so. Cool picture.

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