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  • Why the hate for Mount Pleasant street? If I may know…

  • i was wondering also – i actually quite like it!

  • d’oh – didn’t read…

  • I’ve been calling that the Hate Bus in jest for years.

  • I love the bus!!! why the hate on Mount pLeasant street?

    “d’oh – didn’t read…”

    Read what?

  • He actually said in his picture description:

    “I don’t really hate Mt. Pleasant”

    …and i read right over that part.

  • Yes, but he hates Mt. Pleasant street. Why exactly…? I love it.

  • Richard: Me too!

    There’s also a L8 bus. Who would board that? And how clueless are the route designators?

  • Néstor: I fear that something is being lost in translation here. If you pronounce “eight” with an “h” sound before it, it sounds like “hate.” No hate for the bus, or Mt. Pleasant. I love ’em both.

  • There’s some old WMATA tale about the supposed bus line designations – it escapes me right now, but I’m sure some workday google-ing will find it.

    I do remember being told as a kid that the routes that are just numeric were previously streetcar lines, but I forget beyond that.

  • Dunce!!! How could I have missed that??? H8 is hate, oh darn, please take into consideration that English is not my first language!!!

    Néstor El Puma

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