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  • Seriously… those F*CKING hippies. Whats wrong with them ? Always wanting people not to die and shi1t. Those idiots.

    Of course the sticker was placed by some soldier in between tours of duty.

  • I heartily endorse both of this sign’s messages. We must stop the war and f*cking the the hippies, at least until they learn how to bathe.

  • Every hippie’s child I’ve met grows up to be a Republican. Fate is diabolical.

  • What’s the sign on the back say? Something about a summer camp for f*cking hippies, it looks like. Besides, isn’t Takoma kind of like a year-round summer camp for hippies? Except the Takoma hippies aren’t the type you remember from college, these are hippies with lots of money. The worst kind of hippies.

  • PoP, you have good eyes. You spot things that i often walk by without noticing it. you’re quite the instigator today.

    Takoma Park is a straight up hippieville. has anyone visited? i don’t think either sexes shave, swear unless they are arguing against a republican, everything is organic, tons of stop-the-war stop signs and speed bumps, secret service like cop cruisers speed through east-west highway (be aware of the speed cameras), fantastic food market with cool farmers, craft shops and other retail items not produced by questionable labor practices, bland vegetarian restaurants, a co-op that smells like oats, etc. that’s my take on TP. if you’re offended by my commentary of TP experience, give me a break. wouldn’t you want me to be honest?

  • Sekletor,

    I completely agree with your statement but I think the fact that the children of hippies becoming republican is less a factor of fate and more a result of brain damage from the parents drug use.

    In fact, that would be a great anti-drug ad campaign. Show some kids going to college and a voice says ” these will be your kids”
    Then show some kids at a “tea party” with misspelled signs that say how health care is communism and say ” this will be your kids if you do drugs”

    The more you know!

  • not every soldier is a repub and not every hippie is hopelessly idealistic smoking up fantasy weed while nibbling on tofu. the hygiene issue, one of you hippies need to explain so us non-hippies can understand and apologize for the hate.

  • @anon 3:06 – Yeah, sort of a ‘Christmas Carol’ where Scrooge does too many shrooms and his kid ends up a Palin campaign aide.

  • Bloomindale,

    Perhaps a better question would be why are you so obsessed by “hygiene” and use chemicals to disguise your external ugly appearance and offensive odor but yet… you don’t put nearly the same effort to correct the offensive things you say and do in your daily life.

    In fact, your daily ritual to look and smell better may be just a way to make yourself feel better, like you are doing something to improve your SELF but it is just a distraction from the fact that you are unable to face and deal with the hygiene of personality.

    Some hippies may smell like A$$ because they are busy not acting like one.

    Or they are just lazy potheads. It’s hard to tell.

  • hippie, perhaps non-hippies (assuming not smelly) do spend too much time engrossed in superficial matter such as hygiene. either way, you’ve earned my respect for your response and my apology. so does that mean if we don’t have bo, iron our clothes, and brush our hair, and use scented chemicals, we are counter-judged by hippies?

  • The reason the “hippies” in Takoma Park, Md can act the way they do is because they throw every building, business, etc. they don’t like on the DC side. Therefore, they can be above the fray because they don’t have to deal with it.

  • I got a kick out of seeing so many Toyota Prius’s the first time I walked through TP.

  • can the dirty hippies of Takoma and the bumfest bums of Columbia Heights somehow form a united force of the underemployed, overdrugged and underbathed? That would be pretty awesome.

  • The hippies in the People’s Republic of Takoma Park all work for the Federal Government. This too, is sorta funny.

  • proud to have been hippie way back in the day when having your own spirit was something to be proud of. i resent that comments that we all smelled, smoked dope and were unemployed. i took regular baths, worked two jobs, as far as the dope…hey it was the 60’s (and drugs really were different then–really). oh yea…from columbia heights NOT takoma park!

  • Bloomindale,

    If we started to treat each other with respect and did not fully live up to our labels we couldn’t have this awesome discussion. Now I have to go back to the commune before the rest of the ‘family’ finds out I have been sneaking battery powered wifi 😉

  • I remember about 10 years ago Takoma Park was considering a measure to ban outdoor BBQ’s because the smell of burning flesh was offensive to the town’s many vegetarians. Pretty much says it all.

  • overall if you really knew people in Takoma Park you’d know that the town gentrified around 2000 and there aren’t anywhere near as many hippies there now as there were in 1990. I’ve been on blocks in the city where the majority are young families who don’t care about hippy ideals. Calling Takoma Park hippyland is like saying there are crackhouses in Columbia Heights.

    There were, but there aren’t now.

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