Petworth Library Book Sale Fundraiser This Sat.

Library Sale Flyer

One of my favorite things about living in Cleveland Park, back in the day, was going to the semi-annual CP Library Book Sale. I am delighted to announce that the Petworth Library will have its very own sale this Saturday. I hear there are “tons of good books” so I am eager to check it out. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some of these great recommendations.

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  • We at the Friends of Petworth Library are excited to be holding this sale to benefit the library. Great books for cheap prices! $1 for hardbacks, 25-50 cents for paperbacks. We also have art and reference books, as well as CDs and DVDs for sale. Stop by and refresh your reading stack.

  • I’m there!

  • Lynda, how about kid’s books?

  • We have tons of quality children’s books!

  • Cheap books! Whoohoo!

  • We’ll be there. We may even bring back our overdue library books! This is a great library but the ceiling of the children’s section was falling down and you literally could not go in and pick out books there on our last visit. Hope that has been fixed?

  • Library sales are a great oppoutunity to buy lots of children’s books, then put them out in box labeled “free” for needy urchins. Sadly, there are people who never take their children to free libraries or have any books in the home.

    (Please – no extended rants on bad inner-city parents etc. !!! Just give them some books – it’s a small, easy thing.)

  • Not that I’m advocating ripping off the library, but…

    When I was in high school my school library had a used book sale. My father happened to be an historian with a concentration in World War One aviation. I spotted a book i knew he’d just bought for $80 on sale at my school for 50 cents. I bought the book and told the librarian I’d ripped her off. She countered that it was only worth that if I knew who to sell it to. I felt so bad that I asked my Dad to sell the book to another collector and donate the money to my school.

  • I wonder if they are still accepting donations. I recently completed research for my dissertation and I have loads and loads of great books that I’d love to offer.

  • Will there be grown-up books for sale?

    How can one become a “friend of the petworth Library”? I love that little place!

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