New Bike Lane Goes in on Harvard Street, NW by Lanier Place

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I gotta say, the city is doing a really good job putting in bike lanes this past year. Thanks to a reader for the heads up.

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  • Ok, so normally I am not an internet ranter, but this is just too apropos, so I have to make a plea to all of you cyclists….USE THE BIKE LANE!

    I am often annoyed, as a pedestrian, that people ride their bikes on the sidewalk and nearly, if not actually, hit me. However, the amount of times I hear cyclists complain that people are in their way or they effectively tail-gate (to borrow a driving term) until I move out of their way is amazing to me…especially where there are often perfectly good roads (upon which, they are not only entitled the same rights as a motorized vehicle, but are in fact, required to ride) immediately to the left of either sidewalk…and now, more than ever, they have these wonderful bike lanes!

    The reason I am ranting is that last night, around 800-830pm) I was out for a stroll with my wife and one-month old son (who I was carrying in a sling). We were walking south on 11th and at some point a cyclist was riding north on the sidewalk. After pushing the three of us to the side so he could get by I felt compelled to point out what lovely bike lanes 11th street has. Why dont you use the bike lanes? If cyclists think that they dont get the respect they deserve in the street wouldnt it make more sense to stand up for that respect and use what is rightfully yours rather than bowwing to the gasoline-fueled lie? (ya, melodrama IS fun!)


  • @BS: Amen! I live on 11th and have been considering posting a sign in my ‘yard’ reminding bikers to use the bike lane. I find people biking on the sidewalk–especially when there’s a bike lane–far more annoying and frustrating than pretty much anything else I experience regularly as a pedestrian, bicycle commuter, or driver.

  • Just because you paint some lines on the street doesn’t mean there is MAGICALLY MORE SPACE FOR BIKES.

    All this will do is create traffic since a car (obviously from the photo) will not be able to pass any smug deuche bag bikers who exploit this to further act like petulant children.

    god i hate bikers.

  • Looks like a car would easily fit down the car lane without going into the bike lane at all… Not sure what photo you’re looking at. I’m not a biker in the city – I go out to the C&O trails or just ride around on base, because I’m terrified of people like “bikersSUCK”. Yes, some bikers are terrible, but I’ve found most of them just trying to get from point A to point B, just like the rest of us.

  • How wide does your lane need to be to pass a bike? To me, it’s obvious from the photo that there’s plenty of room for a car and a bike to go side-by-side at a safe distance from each other. Maybe the fact that I bike is blinding my ability to see your point? I don’t necessarily disagree with your generalization about bikers, though it’s probably a bit on the unfair side, but I’m just not getting your point about creating more traffic.

  • Yeah, what the hell’s the big deal? The street was already a one lane, one way street. Now it’s just narrower.

  • “bikersSUCK” wow it never ceases to amaze me how people are so at ease airing out their inferiority complexes in the public realm. I mean read your comment. you do realize anyone reading that thinks you have a two inch wang right? But I digress. I live near here and because Harvard is oneway people think its cool to Drive down it at around 50 miles an hour. And being that at the bottom of this hill there is a little something called rock creek park there are a ton of bikers that go down it too to connect to the trails. So its a great thing that they finally added this. I have already noticed the drivers who like to motor around DC as though it were rockville are being more cautious and reducing speed to stay between the lines. So cry about it all you want BikerSUCK but times are changing. Park your car and take your fat ass on a walk.

  • @Anon0919: YES. WIN. Get out of your damn car and walk, fat ass.

  • Here’s a map of where it is and isn’t legal to ride on the sidewalk in DC:,-77.028666&spn=0.03026,0.055275&z=14
    You ant-bike people are hilarious – please, post a big sign in your yard complaining about cyclists so we can know who the crazy people are.

  • I live on Harvard where they just put in the bike lanes and actually saw a biker in the bike lane and a car on the road and it worked quite nicely. Both had plenty of room.

  • There is also a new bike lane painted on Euclid between 16th and 17th. It could go further, but that’s the only stretch I’ve walked to confirm.

  • I am delighted by all the bike lanes, and am all for people biking. I am not, however, for people riding them on the sidewalk when there is a bike lane RIGHT THERE. It drives me crazy! Things with wheels go on the street. Things that walk go on the sideWALK.

  • @ontario: I know perfectly well where it’s legal and not to ride my bike. What BS was saying and I was agreeing to is that it’s extremely frustrating to get run down on a sidewalk (where regardless of legality, pedestrians have the right of way) when there’s a perfectly good lane dedicated to bikes a few feet over. And besides “bikerssuck”, I don’t think anyone hear was proclaiming hatred for bikes.

  • typo. here, not hear.

  • actually i’d say this stretch of Harvard would have been a perfect spot to impliment the citys first dedicated bike lane. (The parking is moved over and the bike lane runs between the parking and the sidewalk.) This is the route most everyone in columbia heights takes to the bike trails and it was an accident waiting to happen.

  • So I was in NYC this weekend, and I noticed their bike lanes were on the left side of the road…here they are on the right. It seemed to make more sense as far as saftey was concerned that way. Why are ours on the right?

  • Lots of bikers claim they don’t use lanes out of fear of getting doored. I think you’re probably ok if you keep to the left edge of the lane, but then you’d have no excuse to make all the cars behind you go 10mph.

  • The lines are there to reserve the lane for — not restrict the lane to — bikers.

  • ontario, just because something is legal doesn’t make it a good idea.

  • uhh. It may be enough space for your prius to pass the bikers but I drive a Humvee and it certainly is not enough space unless i want to clip the biker with my mirror.

  • So BikersSUCK drives a Humvee – it figures. I hate @$$holes who drive vehicles to compensate for their lack of, er, endowment and then complain about bikers who are doing what they legally have a right to do.

    So you have to go a little slower because you were irresponsible enough to buy a vehicle that has no business being driven in the city – Who Cares?

  • BikersSUCK is a [email protected] who refreshes blogs to see who posts responses to his [email protected] comments. And who’d have guessed, he has a hideous [email protected] car to go with his little [email protected] attitude.

  • I doubt BikersSUCK really owns a humvee people. He is a troll. which is just a troll. which is of course more pathetic than being a genuine humvee driving loser. because in reality he is more likely a 2001 acura driving loser.

  • people complaining about bikers on sidewalks: YOU OBVIOUSLY DONT RIDE BIKES A LOT. grow up and learn to share

  • Bikers clearly should not be on the sidewalk when it is not necessary, but sometimes it is necessary. It is extremely dangerous biking on the street pretty much all the time. There are so many ways oneself, cars, walkers and other bikers can cause an accident. Biking on sidewalks, except for quick jaunts around buses or traffic jams, is something I avoid and any smart biker would avoid as much as possible, simply because it makes it incredibly more likely one will get hit by a car.

    How to Not Get Hit by Cars: important lessons in Bicycle Safety is a great guide for bikers to bone up on not getting f’ed up.

    I have biked in cities for several years now, but I will always be aware of the attitude of people behind the wheels of their cars. It is a truly scary thing.

  • I love how the bike lane goes just a couple hundred feet. Awesome. I really hope they plan to extend it. I’m sure DC brags about the miles and miles of bike lanes they have, but as they are all so disjointed, they are practically worthless.

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