New Art Displayed on M Street at the Convention Center


“Dear PoP,

I wanted to let you know about some new artwork in the display cases outside the Convention Center at Mt. Vernon Square. The cases are under the Convention Center bridge, which I pass everyday walking from the metro to work. They’ve been empty forever, it’s great to seem them put to use, and there are some really interesting pieces. I especially like the DC street map done in yarn and pins. If you’re down that way you should check it out.”


More photos after the jump.




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  • I agree, great use of space and to promote the city!

  • I’d rather have potholes filled and officers on the street.

  • Different money streams Pennywise. The pittance that went to pay the artists who did this project came from the Convention Center and DCCAH and not a dime of that money would have ever gone to DDOT or MPD.

  • A most needed addition to the convention center.

  • This is a really great enhancement to the streetscape; these bay windows have been un-utilized since the CC opened, and the art installations give so much life to the area.

    The murals painted on the windows of the empty retail spaces are also cool and neat additions to the streetscape. However, I hope the CC will get its act together and rent the spaces out. They’re not even being marketed for lease currently, and no info is avaiable (as far as I’ve been able to find anyway) on them.

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