Mt. Pleasant Taking It To a Whole New Level

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For some reason I’ve had a lot of posts on poop scooping. I’m not sure what that says about me… But anyway, I thought this sign from Mt. P was really kicking the whole thing up a notch.

I’d love to see the reaction of the cops when someone walks in with a video tape making this complaint…

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  • The cops wouldn’t do anything when my building manager gave them a video tape of a guy and a kid breaking into cars in my secure underground garage. Also provided was the name and address of the kid. They told us they don’t have time to investigate it because they have homicides to deal with. I think i could take a dump right in the middle of the intersection of Mt P and Irving and they wouldn’t do a thing

  • taping pooping? where is the camera is it on a loop ? a poop loop!!

  • A squat shot.

  • interesting. while i am pretty certain dc has laws barring public urination, i have never thought about whether public pooping is illegal.

  • what a waste of money. In other news… CCTV in England despite being ultra invasive and everywhere helps to solve ONE per 1000 crimes.

    what a waste of money.

  • To solve the crime problem we need to reduce the number of children growing up in substandard housing.

    More condoms, more family planning, etc.

    Also, how about a couple of answers:

    1) why aren’t so-called advocates of traditional marriage using their resources to get single mothers to marry the fathers?

    2) why do so-called “pro-lifers” only care about the innocent fetuses while they’re in the uterus but once they’re born they suddenly have no friends?

  • Are you saying that growing up in a better house will make you into a considerate human who would clean up after your pet? Is that because of the paint fumes or something?

  • well this is obviously an old guy with nothing better to do but I wouldn’t say its a waste of money. just take the home video camera and a 9 hour tape and point it out the window. I can imagine what led to this though. Guy stepped in dog shit one too many times. or perhaps he has kids and wants them to be able to play out front without dog shit being all over the place.

  • I don’t think it is legal to video tape someone without their permission in D.C. so this guy is actually committing a crime if he is just doing this as a private citizen

  • I don’t think it’s legal for the animals that break into cars on my street at 3 am, so if I want to videotape them, I’m gonna do it.

  • That’s fine, but you can’t use that tape to get them into trouble and in fact, they can get you into trouble if they know you are doing it.

  • I’m headed down to that park with as many dogs as I can purchase from a puppy mill just as soon as I can to show my outrage in steaming piles of protest.

  • I think video taping is fine as long as there is no sound. Laws are weird sometimes.

  • really? i think you can video whatever you want in public. isnt that the basis for the Paparazzi? the press? etc.

  • You can video public spaces, a person generally has no right to privacy when in public. However, it gets dicey if the other houses in your camera field of view complain, but in general its perfectly legal to video the sidewalk and street and your own yard of course. However, for something like this to be a crime, it has to be witnessed by a police officer, and your own video evidence is not enough to get them fined or anything like that. I’ve known various store owners who provide video info on thefts and vandalism to MPD, who won’t follow up on it. They can take it into consideration to launch their own investigation, but cannot base their case on it for most crimes short of assault and murder, as far as I know. And of course, poo, theft, vandalism, and all that are not really considered crimes in DC, they are ‘boys being boys’ and such.

  • Posting the sign is probably sufficient notice of filming to cover him legally. But he’s still wasting his time.

  • Yes, you can videotape to your heart’s content, but you cannot record sound without the subject’s permission. I know this from reading about nannycams over on DCUM.

  • Can you videotape in silence if you are also a lipreader?

  • If everyone just bought a Poo Trap, no one would even have to worry about poop anywhere….”No Poops, No oops!”

    funniest thing ever…

  • Similarly we have a house in our neighborhood that has a sign that says that they prohibit dogs from pooping in their tree box – doesn’t matter if you pick it up. Since the tree box is actually city property, they can’t make that rule. I always try to time my walks so my dog has to poop right in front of that house. I always pick it up, but it is kinda fun.

  • I don’t know if the person with the video tape needs to go to the police. They can just setup a nice outdoor video display and replay the video over and over again to embarass the non-pooper scoopers

  • Mt. Pleasant is hilarious.

  • DC Mom, is the type dog owner I dislike. The ones who have no respect for public property. I hope somebody takes a dump on your front porch and cleans it up, kinda funny.

  • agreed that many pro-lifers are very myopic in the issues (or issue) they choose to focus on, but there are at least some who try to help a little more holistically….one example:

  • yeah, but the sign is illegal.

  • Yes, I’m saying there is a direct correlation between the number of children growing up in substandard housing, and the amount of dog poop being deposited in public spaces. And in fact, that might not be the poop of dogs, but of children growing up in substandard housing.

  • I used to take coffee stick from starbucks and staple on index cards with expressions like we wouldn’t &^%@ in your yard, or yucky yucky, nasty nasty, our kids play here, or please clean up your dog’s poop etc. and then go around and stick them in the ground at each poop location on the block. Spread the word and mark the hazards appropriately with funny comments so that PoP can take pictures and post 😉 !

  • pro-lifer are you kidding? those centers exist to talk people out of getting abortions. what are they going to do to help a 16 year old single mother finish her education, go to college, create a stable home environment, marry the father, etc?

    oh that’s right, nothing.

  • Boom. That’s awesome. Mt. Pleasant has the worst dog crap situation I have ever seen.

  • “…And in fact, that might not be the poop of dogs, but of children growing up in substandard housing…”


  • Gee Poopy Poppy, I hope you are going back and picking up all those that you have littered all over the neighborhood. While the poop will eventually decompose, those coffee stirrers will end up clogging city sewers one day.

    I am a dog owner. People who don’t scoop piss me off. Unfortunately, people who don’t bother to scoop probably also aren’t bothered by their neighbors’ complaints.

  • I used to live in Adams Morgan and finding human poop in the ally was a common problem. I’ve seen it here in CH too but not as often.

  • I saw the item below on my local ANC meeting notice, and had to laugh, as I think this is a colossal waste of money. Put up all the signs you want, but responsible pet owners/conscientious neighbors clean up after their dogs, and those who don’t give a s@%t don’t. A sign reminding them to pick up their poop isn’t going to magically make them start doing it.

    “Vote to authorize the purchase and distribution of “Clean Up After Your Pet” signs to be installed in approved public spaces throughout the ten single-member districts within ANC 4C”

  • Can we put up signs that say “Remember to not have kids if you do not have time to raise them properly”?

  • Sweet-but-clueless signs like this are getting more and more common in Mt. P (“please pick up after your dog!” “please don’t steal my figs!”, etc.)

    How can someone be old enough and successful enough to afford such expensive property and still be this hopeful/naive?

  • That’s my block! Ha Ha Ha! Not only is the sign ridiculous but it is not working in the least. As a matter of my opinion, it seems to be completely backfiring and fewer people are scooping their dog’s poop down near 19th Street.

  • fewer children in substandard housing,

    Have you ever been to mount pleasant? The homes in this area of the neighborhood are far from substandard.

  • I don’t know how pro-life issues got on a dog poop thread – (oh wait, of course I do – it’s the nutty internet!) But I do have to speak up with facts. I am pro-choice, but know actual people who work in the pro-life movement and know for a fact that they offer financial support, housing (sometimes in their own homes) and all kinds of services to women who decide to go through with the pregancy, whether or not they keep the baby.

    I’ll argue against their political goals all day, but refuse false accusations.

  • I remember this person from when I lived in Mt. P. Absolutely hilarious. S/he would post pictures of dogs pooping around the neighborhood with the title: IS THIS YOUR DOG? They would stay up a day or so before people tore them down. I wanted to get a picture of the suspect taking a picture of dogs pooping and post it on a public sign that read: THIS PERSON TAKES PICTURES OF DOGS POOPING. ISN’T THAT WEIRD? Possible profiles of the coprophobic in question: shut-in with hair-trigger masturbation reflex; old crone living alone since dumped before high school prom; dishonorably discharged petty officer uncommonly obsessed with Call of Duty multiplayer; old man with a heart of prune who ironically eats a lot of prunes, thereby soiling his Depends.

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