MPD Investigating Multiple Gun Shots, on Shepherd St NW

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Busy night in Petworth. From Council Member Bowser:

“Neighbors- I regret to inform you that MPD is investigating multiple shots fired in the 700 Block of Shepherd St NW at approx 8:30 pm. No one was injured. There was damage to property. MPD will release details as they are available.”

UPDATE: MPD CMDR Brown writes in an email, “After investigating this last further last night, this gunfire was the result of a domestic situation between a girlfriend, her old and new boyfriend. We have a witness and hopefully that witness will provide the necessary information to close this case.”

And more detail regarding the Allison St. activity:

“Several shots were fired at a vehicle being occupied by a male subject in 700 Block of Sheperd ST NW at approx 8:30 pm who fled the area… this vehicle was observed by MPD who attempted to stop it in the 500 blk of Allison ST – at which time the driver bailed out — the passenger was interviewed who reported to MPD that they were shot at by a b/male, a former boyfriend… not a random act and not gang related.”

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  • Quite the scene in the alley behind my house in the 500 block of Buchanan, where I believe the chase ended. (It must have given that there upwards of 9 or 10 police cruisers back there at the height of the situation.)

    Eagerly awaiting further details…

  • I was walking home from the metro and was in the 600 block of Randolph when this occurred. It was probably 8:33-8:35. Comically, the shots were so loud that I convinced myself they were fireworks and kept walking totally unfazed. As did the old man walking next to me…

  • If only because it pulls police out of the north country. Chill TFO! Criminy.

  • The AN4C meeting was taking place at the police station at 801 Shephard at the time. Council Member Bowser had stopped by about 45 minutes earlier.

  • DC4LIFE! I was at the ANC meeting last night when the gunshots went off. I found it pretty funny that once everyone realized everyone else was fine and a commissioner phoned the police, the meeting resumed with everyone ducking just a little bit. We only lost about three minutes from the schedule. Only in DC.

  • Time to call in the National Guard – I also heard the gunshots last night from my kitchen table during dinner. It reminded me of another time that I heard shots; a kid was killed three houses down in the alley, also steps from the police building. In a recent conversation my housemate and I had with a cop downtown, he asked where we lived and we told him on Taylor Street next to the Police Command Communications Center on Shephard Street. The first thing out of his mouth was “oh that’s where the cushy jobs are – I want to be up there one day”. I have commented repeatedly on POP and elsewhere about tragic irony of that building, the authority it symbolizes and the constant violence in the immediate area. Draw a two block circle around that building and there are half a dozen WELL KNOWN and THRIVING drug houses. Can someone tell me what is wrong with this picture? Maybe when a bullet comes through one of those beautifully renovated, expensive, multi-paned windows they will take notice.

  • I’m moving to Shepherd Street in two weeks…. fantastic!

  • There was data released by MPD on this blog:
    regarding gunfire in DC. It notes from 1/1 to 8/23 there were 449 gunshot calls in Ward 1 [roughly the 3rd District] and 485 calls in Ward 4 [roughly 4th District]. There’s no real detail there about whether these are ShotSpotter gunfire sensor activations [which I don’t believe cover the whole city yet] or 911 calls or actual MPD reports filed, but still – over 5000 gunshot calls in just 8 months citywide.

    There’s a map of Ward 2 showing that almost all of the gunshot calls are centered on Shaw. I’d love to see a similar map for Wards 1 and 4.

  • How can anyone stand to live in such a dump?

  • What form of insanity do you people have that make you think a this shooting is somehow better than a random act? Do you think you or your children will be any less dead should a bullet strike you if it wasn’t intended for you? WAKE UP! When are you going to demand the police and city do their jobs by protecting the public, enforcing the law, and punishing the guilty with serious penalties? What? Are you simply too embarrased to suggest that gun criminals be punished?

  • Uh, “You People Are Insane”, I believe that the previous comments were a form of irony, ya know, sarcasm, derision, cynicism, meant to be sardonic, that kind of thing.
    That seems to be one of the problems with electronic discourse… you can lose that nuance. Believe you me, we citizens that live in this area are not bothered by these cretins being punished…not at all. As a mater of fact many of us try and work with whatever support we get from the city in curtailing this activity.

  • @aj. Thanks for your advise. Honestly, I’m not too worried about it. I’m looking forward to joining the neighborhood. Thanks again!

  • Internet: serious business.

    Lighten up, YPAI.

  • Gunshots and rats abound in dumpy Adams Morgan as well. It ain’t Chevy Chase circle darling.

  • Note that since the shooter didn’t hit anyone I don’t think this rises above a misdemeanor. It will probably be booked as “carrying pistol without a license” if an arrest is ever made, a small fine paid, and the perpetrator released. They will then go on to kill someone, and we can call that a Mendelson Murder.

    Someone please tell me I am wrong.

  • You got me, Captain Obvious!

  • @Pennywise

    I guess it would be better if Scott Bolden were on the City Council:

  • Perhaps, yes, though it seems the two would perform about the same. I am up for any change at this point. Clark Ray is apparently considering a run against Mendelson.

  • Just amazing, over 8000 shots! It’s like every other day bullets are flying. Why has the community grown to love guns and ammo so much? It’s kinda the norm now for how one resolves issues in the young male black community. What is it going to take to change the attitude of these folk? Perhaps a start is very very much tougher sentencing requirements when caught doing such crap, and of course, extend such tough sentences to juveniles who seem to be doing more of this than not day after day and week after week. As long as they know they can do what they want and get away scot-free, like a block from MPD, and the community (albeit twisted community in the minds of some) they are part of seems to strongly condone gunplay, they will continue to do it. Ugh.

  • Pennywise–

    Several felonies are available charges if someone points and fires a gun at another person, whether the bullet strikes the target or not. “Assault” under DC law does not require that someone be hit or struck; “assault consists of three elements:

  • Thank you. I’ll take obvious over banal anytime.

  • Nate – any of your tenents?

  • A couple shots. No one killed. I don’t see the big deal. Honestly. I am getting as immune to this as some of the old timers. Just tired of the futile fight. People are not going to change. The situation of selling drugs on the street are not going to change.

    Enough of me commenting on this board about these shootings. Most are too politically correct to speak their minds. They will attempt to explain it away that this is not just a black culture issue. Others are too stuck in their liberal mindset to improve the situation. So we rant and bitch until either enough of them move or we get enough money to move. That’s the way it has been. That is the way it seemingly always will be.

    Who blinks first is ultimately more interesting to me at this point.

  • How long until CH and PW look more like Georgetown?


    See how education, crime, poverty, etc. vary within the district. This is based on 2000 stats. Would be interesting to see 2009 stats. I imagine that the “border” is moving East.

  • Pennywise-

    Regardless of whether the shots hit a victim, this crime would be charged, at the very least, as Assault With Intent to Kill. There would also be additional charges such as Assault With a Dangerous Weapon, Possession of a Firearm During a Crime of Violence, and possibly, a little-known charge in DC: Mayhem While Armed. The DC Code does not offer leniency to bad shots.

  • “They will attempt to explain it away that this is not just a black culture issue.”
    It’s not a “black culture” issue any more than serial killing is a “white culture” issue. There are certain people in the black community that engage in criminal acts. Just like there are certain people in other racial communities that engage in criminal acts. The fact that in DC the fact of crime is primarily young, black and male doesn’t mean it’s a black problem per se.

  • How long did it take Marcus Aurelius to validate my post? Less than an hour. It’s not a black thing, huh? Well why are damn near all the murders/robberies/shootings in this city done by black men? It’s not racist to ask the question. Avoiding the issue or pointing out the flaws in others does not solve the problem.

    People love to point out serial killers as being a white issue. In other words, it is fine to identify behavior that is more common among a race as long as the race isn’t black. Interesting enough, there are quite a few black serial killers too. Here is a recent one.

  • grantcircler, I hope you are right. If you’re curious, keep an eye out for any info on an arrest, then track the suspect in the DC court docket if you like. I’d guess a) he’ll never be arrested, and b) if he is he will plead down to CPWL and be released post-haste. Of course, he may be arrested and we’ll never learn of it, as such info is sporadic at best.

  • Nate,
    I have no problem admitting that the face of crime in this area is primarily young, black and male. In fact, if you read my post, you would see that that is exactly what I said. What I have a problem with is your extrapolating that to an indictment of an entire race. The face of crime in certain neighborhoods in NYC, where I grew up, varies from Asian to Russian to Dominican to Jamaican to fill-in-the-blank with the dominant ethnic group in the neighborhood. The face of crime in Appalachia is white.
    It’s a free country and you are certainly entitled to believe that every black man in America is a criminal. I guess you fit the bill yourself in light of your prior legal troubles. But I don’t believe it. We can just agree to disagree.

  • I can also atest that Obama stole my birth certificate!

  • Marcus,
    I’ve been in trouble. I don’t hide that. But one thing I have never done is infringed on someone’s right to enjoy their life peacefully. I can care less if someone smokes a little weed or shoots a little heroin. But you just can’t live around people that are willing to harm others or trash their neighborhood. A friend of mine just got a car repair estimate for $3,500. One of the thugs in her neighborhood was shooting and a bullet damaged her AC in her car. These are the untold costs of living around certain people. These are the types of crimes that make neighborhoods unlivable. These are the types of crimes that make other people not want to live around certain people.

    In every city in America, these crimes are common among black people. I don’t care what goes on in Appalachia as there are relatively few people living there.

  • Good post @ 2:14, Nate.

    (no I’m not being sarcastic)

  • ontarioroader:

    A maps of calls for shots fired for Ward 4 and some of the other wards (but not Ward 1) can be found here:

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