Mock Responder Exercise this Saturday

Don’t be alarmed!  From an email:

In observance of National Preparedness Month, law enforcement and first responder agencies will conduct mock emergency exercises in the Downtown Area on Saturday, Sept. 26th, from 8 AM until 3 PM. Law enforcement and first responder agencies are conducting drills only. All drills will conclude at 3 P.M.”

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  • What does that even mean? Should I just expect a lot of sirens and helicopters circling?

  • Some day it will be real and everyone will say, ‘Don’t worry, ‘it’s just a mock emergency excercise’. Or maybe just ‘Cool! Firecrackers!’.

  • Call me confused, too. Are they observing/celebrating National Preparedness Month by doing a bunch of crap downtown?

  • Thousands of people will be on the Mall Saturday for the National Book Festival. This should be interesting.

  • Thanks to the Air Force One media circus in NYC, and then the Coast Guard “shots fired” CNN fiasco on the Potomac, it sounds like every government agency will now issue this kind of near-useless generic press release before they run an exercise. CYA, pure and simple: it doesn’t really inform the few folks that read it, and the overwhelming majority of the citizenry won’t ever be reached, but if this little “law enforcement and first-responder” dress-up play-date causes people to panic and stampede in the streets, they’ll be able to say “well, we put out a press release.”

    Also: saying that this exercise is “an observance of National Preparedness Month” is evidence of some messed-up thinking. Makes as much sense as saying “we’re rounding up criminals in observance of National Law Enforcement Month.” Have a ceremony, or do your job; but don’t do your job while announcing that it has special ceremonial meaning this month, because that’s a kind of weird narcissistic ritualism that’s particularly disturbing when its part of a government agency’s cuture.

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