Maggie Moos on U Street to be Renamed, “U Scream Ice Cream”

On Monday the new owners of the ice cream spot, formerly Maggie Moos sought your help in a coming up with a new name. Well, you came up with a good one and they’ve enthusiastically embraced it. The new spot will be called U Scream Ice Cream.

As mentioned earlier, the folks also own the recently opened Aroma Bakery & Market across the street on U. Well they also seek your help in how to make the spot better. What would you like to see improved? More breakfast options? More sandwiches? More bread? You name it and they’ll definitely listen.

So cool that they’ve renamed the spot U Scream Ice Cream! Nice work.

Updated with current photo.

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  • Speaking of ice cream….

    In celebration of the freedom to marry in Vermont officially beginning on September 1, 2009, Vermont-based Ben & Jerry

  • About Aroma: When I went in, they had no breakfast items at all. I’m guessing that has changed? Beyond that, I have to say that the place is not inviting at all. I wouldn’t want to sit there and eat or drink coffee. They need someone to plan and redesign the interior so that the tables and chairs aren’t just an afterthought.

  • Aroma should sell fresh bread and pastries more like a Marvelous Market-type of place (less white icing and plastic-wrapped muffins, more scones and fruit tarts). We need a real bakery in this area of town!

  • I used to work for Richard Aroma managing his bar before he sold it to the Bedrock group, and he runs a tight ship. I am certain this place is going to be great.

    And regarding the bakery, I talked to Rich about a month ago, and the ovens haven’t been installed yet. Give it time. That stretch of U Street is going to smell divine with the scents of freshly-baked bread wafting from the bakery.

  • The influence of this website is starting to scare me. PoP, you greasing your head to get through doorways yet?

  • Oh man, that’s awesome!!! Congrats to NonGrata for thinking of that – I wish I was creative instead of some engineer! 😀

  • no hold up jokes yet?

  • Nice!

    Re: Aroma – I agree with “So.” I went in the other day to get a sandwich, thinking I would sit down and enjoy it. However, the place is very stark and the two tables there are too high to adequately enjoy a meal. And although I’m not positive, I don’t recall any chairs. I think the place would have good potential with some nice seating and wi-fi. (they should also leave their panini on the grill longer)

  • I agree about the really good fresh bread and artisan pastries. There is nothing anywhere around here!

  • I love the name! I thought “U Scream” was the best of the bunch, and am happy the new owners thought so too.

  • The fresh bread is coming.

  • their boar’s head turkey (which is great) was $10 a pound, so a little expensive. i think they need to expand their cold cut and cheese selection for purchase by the pound. i’m so glad they are trying to be a real deli though… nothing like that around here. also (seems like this might change?) there was absolutely no loaf bread or rolls to be purchased… unless it was on a sandwich.

  • Gelato, smoothies, and good coffee. It covers all months of the year that way. Maybe they can even get one of those froyo machines.

  • Wait! WTH happened to Maggie Moos?!?!?! Why? First Mocha Hut, now this. I don’t know if I can take it.

  • What’s the deal with Aroma Bakery anyway? Isn’t that spot part of the Hotel that’s coming to that corner? I thought the Hotel was supposed to start construction next year

  • I agree with So. Aroma is not inviting at all. It’s a very uncomfortable looking place. They need professional help.

  • My guess is that since it’s going to be around for only about a year (before the hotel construction) they’re not looking to spend alot of money on remodelling.

  • I agree with Adam & So.

  • saf

    “I used to work for Richard Aroma managing his bar before he sold it to the Bedrock group, ”


    I remember the buildout on that bar – Bedrock owned it from the beginning. And the opening manager’s name was Marcus.

    Or are you talking about some other bar than Aroma on CT Ave?

  • Wait… I’m a bit confused. They read the comments, decided that U Scream was a good name, and put it on their awning the next day? (or, at most, two days later). How did they manage that?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Stretch I thought that was impressive as well.

  • He was ready to call it “Scoop” and had the awning guy just about prepared to print that but then saw the posting here with the name suggestion and went with it.

    Love U-Scream.

  • Love the new name, cant wait to try it!

  • More important than the name, who is supplying their ice cream??

  • I’ll find out and report back.

  • They charge almost $8 for a large smoothie comprised mostly of sorbet. Just saying.

  • I want to see delicious ice cream, by the scoop, year round. And milkshakes. And root beer floats. Can’t wait to try the new “U Scream!”

  • Delicious freshly baked chewy cookies and brownies from Aroma? (they could ship both over to U Scream and put vanilla ice cream and fudge on them). Ummmmm.

    Also, I would gladly buy fresh cut deli meats from Aroma if they came in a little over the Harris Teeter price. Don’t know if that’s possible or not, but I would buy all my sandwich making raw materials from them if the prices weren’t too much higher.

    Oh! What about interesting pickles? You could get them from the pickle people at Eastern Market. There are a lot of things you could do to create a good bakery / deli! I’m excited to see what they do and love the enthusiasm!

  • Let’s hear it for NonGrata – they definitely deserve some credit for renaming Maggie Moo’s for free!

  • Frankly, the ice cream seems to be the same cotton candied and artificially colored ice cream from before…. The name change was certainly a move in the right direction! I’d like to U Scream carrying gelato. Can we start a poll for this too?

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