Look What Happened To Visions Movie Theater


I thought I had read somewhere that a bar or restaurants was going to move into the old Visions Movie Theater space located at 1927 Florida Ave, NW. Am I imaging that? Anyway, it turns out that the Non Profit AED has moved into the space. From their Web site:

“AED is a nonprofit organization working globally to improve education, health, civil society and economic development–the foundation of thriving societies.


In collaboration with local and national partners, AED fosters sustainable results through practical, comprehensive approaches to social and economic challenges. AED implements more than 250 programs serving people in all 50 U.S. states and more than 150 countries.”

Sounds like a great organization.

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  • I work in the building and AED made it into meeting space. There’s a decent sized auditorium and Ladysmith Black Mombaza (sp?) played there a few weeks back. It’s not used very often. I think AED is still getting used to the fact that it’s there. Still bummed that Visions is gone.

  • That blue pugeot in the picture has been on that rack for over a year, I’m stealing it this weekend

  • Seriously? You go full time and all you can offer is extremely old news?

    Come on. I hate to say it but this was so much better before you went “pro”. I hope you’re planning some new, really awesome feature and not more “smell of the day” and ancient non-stories.

  • I work for AED and can say that they made into a really cool meeting space/theater. Maybe they’ll rent it out, but not sure. I agree that it’s not used much. I wasn’t in DC when Visions was open, but did enjoy the theater on Connecticut south of Dupont. Were these open at the same time?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @anon 5:59 (first anon) perhaps you find this very old news because you work for AED. Perhaps you’d like to meet in person to discuss how I can make the site better. Would you like me to meet you at your new AED office space. It’s new to me so I’d love to see what it looks like. Can’t wait to meet you in person.

  • I used to watch the Sopranos there, I’ve always missed it.

    Also, nice job AED of 5:59pm. You think you know more about DC than POP, when all you are is a commenter on his blog.

  • I’m with Dan on this one. While it’s certainly old news that AED is *in* the building (they’ve been there for awhile now and take up pretty much the whole complex, save for the gym, the RiteAid, and the Buca, as far as I can tell), the taking over of the Visions space is fairly recent, no?

    I only noticed the AED storefront on Florida last night, and I go by there almost everyday.

    To someone working in the building, maybe not new. To Dan, who gets finds his content by mostly walking around town and seeing things for himself, definitely new.

    I’m enjoying PoP alot more since you went full time, brother. Keep it up!

  • I echo rb’s sentiments fully. Anonymous can be such a lil bitch.

  • Concur with prior comments — if all Anonymous is going to do is rag on the site, he/she should simply go elsewhere. The negativity doesn’t help anyone.

  • Anyone ever been in the building across the street, space facility or something? What about the old awesome presidential monument apartment complex on the corner. And WTF is with the big MJ-financed horrible pool ruining condo project at the freakin’ hotel. As one who spent many hours enjoying the neighborhood pool there, who cares who is in those ugly buildings with ED or AED, their presence in that monstrosity ruined my view of mars. That neck of the woods deserves better architecture.

  • saf

    Before it was Visions, it was the Embassy Theater – had a nice big screen, as big as the Uptown, although the space wasn’t as nice.

  • “@anon 5:59 (first anon) perhaps you find this very old news because you work for AED.”

    Prince, how did you know the poster works for AED?

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