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Bar Dupont is located at 1500 New Hampshire Avenue NW in the former location of Biddy Mulligan’s. It’s been almost a year since Biddy Mulligan’s closed so I thought it was about time to judge Bar Dupont. How’s the atmosphere? Better or worse than than Biddy’s? Do they serve food as well? It looks pretty swank – how are the prices? Overall – thumbs up or down?

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  • Definitely worse than Biddy’s. It’s a standard upscale hotel bar (much more upscale than the hotel, I might add). I think the Peroni’s were $7

  • I used to love Biddy’s. Some business colleagues and I walked in shortly after opening, looking for lunch, saw a $14 milkshake on the menu and crossed the circle to Hoban’s, which has served as my Biddy’s replacement.

  • I agree with the other posters. Pricey for what you get. I miss Biddy’s!

  • Biddy’s had the best chicken fingers I think I’ve ever had. I’m sure they didn’t carry over to the new place. If they did, they’re probably $20.


  • saf

    I never much liked Biddy’s. Haven’t checked out the new incarnation yet.

    When it was still the Hotel Dupont, the lobby had tables where you could get bar service and they had the best happy hour specials. But the best thing about it was the windows. Floor to ceiling windows all along the circle side of the building. What a great place to have a drink and people-watch. I miss it.

  • Cool redo and a nice space. But drinks are pretty weak for a bar in a gay hood.

  • Biddy’s wasn’t all that remarkable, but it was fairly low-key, had decent bar food, and it was a nice place to kick back and drink a beer while watching the world go by in Dupont Circle.

    Bar Dupont, on the other hand, is yet another of the many DC establishments with delusions of being hip and cool. Also like many DC establishments, it fails to be either of those things. In short, a pointless addition to the Dupont area bar scene that needlessly replaced a decent, comfortable “Irish” bar.

  • The best thing to do was watch a snow storm at Biddys through those awesome windows. I don’t think I’m going to even try this new place if they took down the windows. However, a good back up will be LGL if that front table is open! Bring on the winter.

  • This place blows–Biddy’s was superior to this piece of shit.

  • I’m not sure why Jury’s was redone. It was already great and the rooms were pretty new. I loved the Irish bar. It is still owned by the same Irish group, Doyle. We already have a ton of Kimpton-type modern properties in DC. I was sorry to see this redone. The hotel is still nice, but the restaurant/bar is nothing special. Same way I feel about the old roofdeck of the Hotel Washington which is now a South Beach scene.

  • The bar is great! Windows still there and food is fair. Bin there a few times over past 2 month and like the outdoor lounge seating a lot. Drinks are not cheap but the service is definitively better than in any Irish Pub I’ve been…

  • I actually prefer the bar to Biddys…..more sophisticated – more expensive – but nicer atmosphere. never understood why Biddy’s blocked out the cirlce and this bar really takes it in…..outside reminds me of Lincoln Road in Miami

  • SO MUCH NICER then that dark dank irish-wanna be bar….
    large windows open up views to the circle..the space is not the typical dark wood sports bar so common in DC.. people who are afraid of the 21st C should stay away .. it is not your traditional early 1900s space like the former tenant .. true.. food is unremarkable, ad the drinks pricey .. but i choose ambiance over food/drink for this location … ( sucks you can’t have both )..
    those who miss the irish space should go to Buffalo Bs.. same thing .. and more appropriate to their lower level location … BAR dupont gets an B+ for atmosphere .. C for food…

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