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  • another one of those good-old-boy surf-and-turf places where you need to wear boat shoes, khakis and a pink button-down. or a suit, if you want to go casual.

  • Or jeans and a tee. Places normally don’t turn away paying customers. Now, Prime Rib on the other hand requires men to wear a jacket. I heard they have loaners though.

  • The food is descent & the service is fine. However, I feel the menu is unimaginative and the noisy cafeteria-like dining room is packed with too many tables.

  • how can anyone ever walk to this place with all these Ghost Bikes around!?!?! Theyll be here forEVER!?!?!

  • stop hating, you peasants. The Ribeye is awesome, the place is nice and clubby, but really its the wait staff that stands out. I would say the best in the city, consistently great. I used to eat there every week, but times change. still love the place. Besides Mortons blows. and ruth chris serves the steak piping hot instead of letting it congeal so they dont even know what they are doing. basically they have a dress code to keep you and the fanny pack tourists out, so those of us who wear suits everyday dont have to put up with you.

  • sounds like we have some dining-impaired people here, so allow me to help you out.

    step 1: put on j price or broooks brothers suit, if its the weekend dont bother with the tie but wear the button down shirt and a suit.

    step 2: drop 2 bills on dinner drinks and cabs. Dont order the NY strip well done, everyone will think you are a tool and wasting your time burning a perfectly good piece of meat. Order a steak rare but not black/blue (pittsburgh) (not a filet mignon either nancy) accompany with nice single malt. afterwards, meet up with friends for a roof top bevy.

    step 3: after tying your date up, remind her to put the lotion in the basket.
    this has been a PSA by RG.

  • Well RG. I dont think anyone will be mistaking you for anything but a tool. and 2 bills on Dinner, Drinks, and Cabs? high roller indeed. oozing class as you do. lol

  • Meh, just another hangout for lobbyists and associated other old, fat white guys whose primary goal is to get their caricature added to the dining room wall.

  • If you’re on an expense account, go just to say you did. But if you just want great steak, I’d take Ray’s the Steaks over the Palm anytime.

  • Best steaks in DC aren’t located in DC. Head to Ray’s in Arlington if you care about good food and proper wine service (Mark Slater is now heading up the wine program). The prices are unbeatable as well.

    The Palm is fine for what it is. But to be honest the steaks are just about on par with every other major steakhouse chain in DC (Mortons, Ruths Chris, Smith & Wollensky, etc). The service at all of these places is the same as well. Slightly brash (but intentionally so) and charismatic servers. Their job is to make you feel like a big shot for ordering a big steak and expensive booze, which again, is fine. Who doesn’t like their ego stroked from time to time.

    A lot of people really hate these places and some swear by them. I am somewhere in the middle.

  • I think rg may have been trying to be funny, but unfortunately tied the humor in at the end of the post instead of the begining. Putting it at the end requires one to realize that the whole post is a joke, but only after reading it. As opposed to being up front and obvious. That is if the joke is the juxtapoistion of a nice evening that is familiar to many, against the reference to the silence of the lambs via the end quote which eludes to the outrageous buffalo bill seen at the end of the movie. Attempted alliteration, or is he just in fact a tool. I think the whole scenario described was played out in the book American Psycho anyways.

  • Fat cat city! Every time I pass by that place there are young chubby sweaty guys in blue or gray suits with neck rolls of fat hanging over their collars waiting around outside for the jowley old guys in better made suits who are getting out of a SUV with tinted windows (presumably who pick up the tab.) EVERY TIME. The women always look like Reese Witherspoon in that scene at the end of “Election” when Matthew Broderick’s character throws his cup at the limo.

  • The Palm is fine for what it is. Back in the employed days, it was in the regular rotation of working lunch/dinner type places, although was being phased out in favor of Charlie Palmer and BLT. Back when the choices were somewhat more limited, I preferred Capital Grille and the Caucus Room.

    Ray’s can keep their steaks. Sure they’re cheap and accessible, but I prefer to eat my cattle rather than be treated as one of a herd of such. I was there last month and they had to ask the manager if my friend could have a glass of wine after dinner b/c it’s their policy not to allow such things. Some people might consider the cheap food worth trading a pleasant dining experience for, but it’s just not my thing. I’ll happily pay more to not be relegated to the Southwest Airlines of steak places.

  • Too much food – would be better if they cut the portions down. I have been here (and Mortons) for client dinners and I always end up splitting an entree (which they will happily do).

    I prefer Rays the Steaks, BLT Steak (best popovers on the planet) or, preferably, not a steakhouse.

  • Dry aged >>>> fresh cut. As such, I like the Palm and think other places are just so-so because even though they call themselves a steak house, they don’t offer dry aged beef. What’s up with that?

    I think a lot of this dress code business is perceived. Restaurants are not in the business of turning away customers. You can wear whatever you like and you will find that it doesn’t matter. There’s a handful of places that will give you a loaner jacket, but very few. Most customers look dressed up because they work in the area., not because they dressed up for the restaurant.

  • I’ve worn jeans to the Palm, and most of the “expense account” type places in town. Granted, as a woman, it’s easier to get away with and 90% of the time I’m rocking the suit/pearls/heels look, but as long as you don’t look like a complete slob, most places don’t care.

  • it can be some crazy dry sarsastic fun but, big but here, it depends on the waiter. they canmake or break your meal

  • i don’t mean the palm has a dress code. i mean the class of people who goes there has a dress code.

  • Give me the Grille over the Palm anyday. Service is good at the Palm and they can make a decent martini, but the last time I was there, the ribeye I have lacked flavor and that is saying a lot if you can make a ribeye boring

  • The NYC one is the original. DC was the first expansion restaurant.


  • @anon 6:00, what was so bad? Did someone correct your spelling?

  • Pretty sure eating there too often makes you turn into a fat Republican.

  • @ Anon.

    All caps and poor spelling? REELY?

  • Newbie, thats not true. Im not fat.

  • The Palm = Morton’s = Smith and Wollensky = Charlie Palmer = etc…. These places are all the same. Good steak that you will most definitely pay for. Want the best steak in the area at a really good price? Ray’s. Want a power lunch? Pick the place from the list above that is closest to you.

  • “Want the best steak in the area at a really good price? Ray’s.”

    No dry aged selection = poor imitation of a steak house. At least it’s cheap, I guess.

  • Skip the Palm and GO VEGGE!!!!! =P

    Do you really want that human-like flesh rotting inside of you???

  • I am an 837 member (and Petworth resident)…have been since 2001. My wife is one too. As is my 20mth old son (shhh…don’t tell anyone). We really enjoy our free 3lb lobsters each year on our birthdays. Yes it’s free (pay $25 to join the club – they immediately give you a $25 gift card to use on your next visit) then eat there within 6 mths of your birthday, and a week or so you receive a coupon for a free entree or 3lb lobster.

    The perfect meal at the Palm is as follows: Hearts of Palm salad (split for 2), Blackened Rib-Eye (split for 2) (you have to ask for it – blackened is not on the menu), 3lb Lobster (split for 2), Half and Half, Creamed Spinach. In the summer they have a special and this will cost around $95 plus tax/tip – normally this would cost around $130. And you will take home a doggie bag! And if you go there with your birthday lobster you save $68.

    Tim is the best waiter…full of jokes, stories, you name it…he definitely does a great job and we request him every time we go there.

    There is no dress code. I have only worn a suit once (with clients), mostly I wear pants and a shirt, I have worn nice jeans and a shirt on occasion, and will occasionally wear a sport jacket on nice occasions.

    As far as kid friendly – it is! They have a highchair, crayons, and will custom make whatever you want for your child…we just get chicken and broccoli and it is enough for 2 dinners and a lunch (all for $12). My son loves looking at the caricatures and ceiling fans, as well as people watching the watching the staff come out of the kitchen.

    As for people watching…we’ve sat beside Tony Kornheiser, Wichael Wilbon, John Kerry, and James Carville to name a few…although recently it seams we are always one day off from other celebs that stop by and are listed in the Post.

    The Italian food is not that good. And the ‘old’ creamed spinach was way better than the corporate ‘new’ one. And if anything is cooked not up to your standards they will be more than willing to get it right for you. If not, tell Tommy and he will set them straight.

    They also put on really cool events…last year we went to an event sponsored by Tequila Herradura. For $95 we got a 5 course meal paired with each of their tequilas including Selecion Suprema ($250 bottle). At the end there was a contest, and I won a bottle of the Suprema!

    I can’t talk enough about this place because it is a fun place to go (the loud room is true – but so is Bistro du Coin – and we like that – not a big fan of stuffy restaurants) and the food is good and the staff makes your experience even better.

    I recently referred a friend and his wife to join us…they had a great time, and they joined the club. Last night he went for his birthday lobster and they were out of the 3 and 4lb lobsters so he got the 5lb at no extra cost (it would have been $40 more).

    We like Smith and Wollenskys too – it has the best lunch week of the year (Wine week) where for $10 you can have all you can drink top notch american wine for 1 whole week each day for lunch!

    As far as best steak in town…good question…I think the blackened rib eye at the Palm is fantastic. We are trying Bourbon Steak (Four Seasons) this weekend and I heard it IS the best in town.

    I always love Anonymous posters…they complain about everything. If you don’t like the Palm, don’t go – although I don’t think he has been at all and just complains to complain. We do, and we love it and I will always be there to support them. And if you can go, then I recommend ordering the above meal. Now I just need 5k more points for my own caricature 🙂

  • Follow up on the Bourbon Steakouse:

    FANTASTIC!!!!! Best steak ever eaten. 16oz Blackened Ribeye Medium Rare melted in my mouth. The 10oz filet even garnered the same remark. Both were unbelieveable. Everything about this restaurant was top notch. Each course was a delightful experience – started with braised oxtail with marrow custard, then the rib eye, a side of creamed spinach and truffle mac and cheese, and finished sharing the bitter chocolate cake (which they wrote Happy Anniversary on the plate in cholocate for our special occassion). If you can dine here, then I highly recommend it. The wine list was also top notch, with many 05 Bordeaux’s to choose from at different price points and perhaps the best Oregon Pinot lists in town (recently went to Oregon for wine tasting so I am very picky about Oregon Pinot selections). Dress code was business casual (wore a sport jacket). It was kid friendly…they had a high chair (you would be surprised at who doesn’t), coloring book, and nice kid menu selections. Price was very expensive, but the food was worth the price. Service was spectacular.

    Overall, perhaps the best restaurant in town!!!

  • This is a completely dead thread, but having eaten at The Palm many times, I concur with those who say it’s really no different than a half dozen other high-end steak places in DC proper, all of which serve great red meat and any of which you can take me to on your expense account any time you want. What differentiates it most for me is that it feels the most “DC” of any of the other places — if you’re trying to impress a politically-oriented out-of-towner, I always felt lunch at The Palm was the best chance to see a talking head at the next table over, or some recognizable DC power player. I even saw Red Auerbach there once.

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