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Post Pub is located at 1422 L St NW. For some reason I had thought this place had closed but clearly I was mistaken. There were folks sitting outside this past weekend. What’s the word here more of a sandwich joint or drinking joint? Is it like Stan’s?

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  • I LOVE Post Pub. A great dive. The pours aren’t as generous as Stan’s, but they have amazing (whole) wings. I wouldn’t characterize the staff as “friendly.” I used to work around the corner with 7 of the most miserable human beings I’ve ever encountered, and often sought refuge in the Post Pub.

  • Should you really be making remarks about a place being closed or even that you thought it was closed…there you go down that slippery slope again 🙂

  • You’re thinking of the diner, Ollie’s, that was next door. It’s gone, alas. No more bay-seasoned fries half a block from my office. But I do want to try out the wine bar that replaced it, even if the fake stonework siding is hideous.

  • Post Pub is RAD, no doubt.

  • Definintely a dive, but the food is good. When my dad was here we ate burgers there for lunch and he wanted to go back for dinner. I didn’t accommodate since doing so would have been so lame.

  • Got introduced to the place less than a year ago, the Diplomat Burger (aka the “Dip”) is a true greasy treasure. The line goes out the door at lunch so be early or late. There used to be a place called the Half Moon Lounge or something like that next door, anyone ever go there? It seemed shady as hell that I was always intrigued.

  • Closest thing left in DC to the original Stoneys. Only real, neighborhood style, dive bar left in DC too, with real people, real characters working and eating and drinking there. For that reason, I expect it to go away soon, those places don’t seem to survive in this town.

  • @voiceofreason: But what about the Lil Pub or the Tune Inn…there are some real characters in there plastered by 11:15AM

  • @Rukasu, I was just going to say that! Inauguration afternoon @ Lil Pub was one of the best afternoons I’ve ever had. It was mostly all regulars and folks from our neighborhood, with a few brave tourists who wandered in off the street. And the Tune is the best old man bar in the city.

  • Despite the name, huge Examiner hangout when I was there. Dive atmosphere, though not super cheap on the drinks. Enjoyed the waiter Chuck; despite his surly demeanor, he always knew your order. Solid burger, decent specials. Unpretentious.

  • screw ’em.
    worst Guinness pour in town.
    Only tap water & american lager should come out that fast.

  • My home away from home! The dip is hangover heaven.

  • Trio and Fox & Hounds still have surly staff and “real” people – although they usually sit inside instead of on the patio.

  • Who drinks Guinness at Post Pub? If you can’t get a decent pour at most Irish bars, what makes you think you’ll get one here? And for the record, worst Guinness pour is at Capital City Brewpub.

    Go Miller High Life or GTFO.

  • If I remember correctly, there are 3 happy hours to accommodate Post employees coming off shifts (morning, noon and 5-8). It’s a good lunch spot if you don’t mind bellying up beside workers half in the bag before noon. Try the grilled cheese.

  • my friend used to work at Post Pub!

    The staff are probably irritable because it’s a magnet for tourists (who don’t leave much in terms of tips).

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