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Napa 1015 is located at 1015 H Street, NE. I’m very curious about this spot as I’ve heard very mixed reviews. Some folks seem to love it and some hate it. I’ve heard very few mediocre comments. You can see the menu here. So what’s the scoop – thumbs up or down?

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  • Food is ok, some items in the past have been very good, but not worth the price. I think they changed staff a while back, so that may be why the quality is different now.

  • when i went it struck me as meh and very overpriced. that was about a year ago.

  • I went just last week and the staff could not have been friendlier and the food was terrific. I would definitely go back.

  • I am a big fan. I only went for the first time earlier this year because I sort of (mistakenly) assumed that it would be just okay. The decor is kind of random and 80s, but the food is excellent and the service is also great. The first time I went was for brunch and we had a large and somewhat difficult to manage (in that we asked lots of questions and were having mimosas and bloodies refilled somewhere on average of every 5 minutes) group. The food was outstanding. I’ve been back several times since, and every meal has been excellent.

  • hmm will have to give it another try.

    h street generally has replaced u street for me and the wife as the place to go out. love it. PoP you need to check out Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar (1104 H St NE) it is the coolest place in the whole world.

  • Great service and I love the food. Its a good place to eat if you don’t want bar food on H street.

  • It’s on my list of places to try after walking by it, but the menu seems uninteresting, and the wine list is about as exciting as beige wallpaper, which is a shame considering how extensive it is.

  • Different strokes I guess. Napa1015 is one of my favorite restaurants in DC and very reasonably priced for the food (if not for the ‘hood. Very nice, refined dishes + Mexican night on Thursdays. Good wine list.

  • Sunday brunch there about a year ago was great. Great place for taking out of town parents when they visit. Valentine’s Day 2009 was a disaster b/c it was too busy. (How do you run out of creme brulee for a 6:30 seating?) Haven’t been back since, but I do hope to go back. Wine list is ok, I’d like to go to their wine tasting happy hour on Weds, but can’t seem to find the time.

  • I went for the first time last night. Food varied from outstanding to blah. The beet salad was lovely. The tilapia pretty good; gnocchi a bit on the dull side. Chocolate mousse cake was tdf. We had the Concannon ’05 petite syrah, which was quite nice and reasonably priced. Curiously, last night was Mexican night. The waiter explained that the chef was from Mexico and that some of their best dishes were recipes from his family. He raved about the chicken enchiladas and there were a couple of interesting sounding moles. I’ll be back on a Thursday to try them. The decor was clean, if boring. Carpet on the walls below the chair rail was a bit odd, but perhaps a good idea for noise. Service was attentive and quite friendly. Lots of typos on the menu. Our wine did not have violent undertones.

  • I love Napa 1015. Last night, I had the Leg of Lamb with risotto special. Awesome taste! Good service.

  • This is actually Mrs. Chris in Eckington. We ate there over a year ago and it was pretty underwhelming – my memory is of overpriced bland catered-event food. We were excited at the time because it was one of few sit down restaurants on H Street besides the Argonaut (it might’ve been before G. Moore’s too, don’t recall now), but now I’d definitely go to H St. Country Club or Taylor in a heartbeat and wouldn’t even consider Napa again.

  • Napa might be one of the top 5 restaurants in the universe. My wife and I go weekly. They have weekly wine tastings, a great burger night, and the Mexican night puts Cashion’s attempt at Mexican gourmet at the Hst Country Club to shame. I love Taylor Gourmet and the rest of the H street venues, but when it comes to a great meal with great service and a tastey bottle of deliciousness to go with it…you can’t beat Napa.

  • Went there last September 2008 for the first time. Had Lamb shank with cheese grits for $18. The meal and service was great. Alberto’s on 8th St. SE charges $28 for the same item. (Lamb shank will be back on the menu in the fall.)
    Have been back with friends and also solo. With the exception of wild boar, I have enjoyed every thing from the salads. corn chowder and french onion soup, tilapia, scallops, steak, braised beef short ribs, and pork loin were excellent. I’d say I’ve been back about 2/3 times per month since September.
    I found the prices to be reasonable especially when compared to the overpriced wannabes on 8th St. SE. Napa 1015 has replaced 8th St. SE as my new favorite haunt.
    (Wednesday night is also hamburger special night).

  • Most folks who had less than outstanding experiences went a while ago. We were happy with the food back then, but if you didn’t like it, try going again as they have a new chef. We love this place. Try the eggplant dish. Mmmmm. There’s burger nite on Wed, cheap tapas & drinks for happy hour, Thursday is Mexican nite. Give them another shot, likely you won’t be disappointed!

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