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  • They’d have to be trying pretty hard to make the food worse than Marrakesh Restaurant.

  • Awful, save your dimes and go somewhere else, anywhere else. Yaz bakery in Vienna is amazing, I know it is far away, but worth it.

  • I thought those two restaurants were affiliated with each other? I have not been to the Marrakesh Palace, but I have been to the Merrakesh Restaruant and I thought their food and entertainment were amazing.

  • It’s ok. I went there for Restaurant Week/birthday dinner with a group of friends, and have definitely had better Moroccan. The bastilla was bad, which is a shame since that’s one of my favorite dishes. It’s also definitely a waste of money for RW, as you can go anytime and get a prix fixe for about the same price (I told my friend this, but she didn’t believe me). The one fun part was that two of the guys we were with happened to know the belly dancer, so she paid us a lot of attention.

  • Gotta love a place that’s cash only and refuses to give receipts. I’d understand if it was the neighborhood bar or corner store, but a huge restaurant where tabs routinely run into the triple digits? Shady.

  • Ontarioroader, I have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve eaten at Marrakesh Palace 3 times now, and always paid by credit/ debit card. The food and service have always been pretty good for the price, as far as I’m concerned. Also, I have a few Moroccan friends who have told me that their opinion is that it is the best Moroccan restaurant in DC. As far as restaurant week goes, I tend to avoid it, but wouldn’t bother saving a visit to Marrakesh Palace for that week because as Anonymous stated above, it’s not that expensive.

  • Yeah, not sure what ontarioroader is talking about with the cash-only thing. I’ve been there a couple times and paid with a credit card and gotten a receipt. The food is good as far as I’m concerned. I would skip it for restaurant week though – it’s not expensive enough for that.

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