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Iron Gate restaurant is located at 1734 N Street, NW. A friend of mine took his girlfriend here for an anniversary dinner and was a pretty big fan. I hear it’s a bit pricey but worth it. What do you guys think – one of DC’s best hidden gem restaurants? Any particularly good dishes? Worth the money?

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  • is this place ever open?

  • I was considering taking a date there some years ago. Zagat’s – at the time – said it had amazing ambiance but terrible food.

  • Been a few months, but early summer I would say. Good food, Great ambiance. Reccomended!

  • went here for a work happy hour – small portions of apps but delish!

  • Food is only decent. Atmosphere is fantastic.

  • Beautiful outdoor dining. My dining experience was not good. Mussels filled with sand and grit. Pork not good. We were not pleased. Didn’t stay for dessert. Go to Tabard Inn instead.

  • Absolutely stunning patio, especially in the late spring when the grape vines over the trellis bloom. I’ve never been in a more beautiful spot in dc. I want to go in the winter, when they have a rustic tavern with a hearth that rivals the Tabard Inn.

    But yeah, the food’s pretty mediocre. A shame.

  • Everyone else already said it: great ambiance, mediocre-to-lousy food. I like to go there for drinks, then eat dinner somewhere else.

  • food is abysmal. You could do better in your own kitchen for a lot less $.

  • I love the courtyard but, as I remember it, the inside booths are a little too reminiscent of horse tack; they actually smell vaguely of stable.

  • I’ve never been there.

  • I’d say the food is a tick above mediocre — I’ve had one really good dinner there, actually — but yeah, you’re paying for atmosphere, which is fantastic.

  • I ate here once, the dessert was awesome! Always walk by and want to stop by for a drink outside, but it’s always closed! Guess my timing is off.

  • Very funny JR. Thanks for letting us know. Uh….I’ve never been there either.

  • horrible food…simply horrible

  • We have had several sources say average or not quite average.

  • atmosphere amazing. food eh. Go for drinks.

  • Been there several times, don’t remember the food, mostly because I was with a group and we were drinking (drunk?) so the patio was the draw for us.

  • The food isnt as bad as everyone says. The lamb shank is amazing as is the gazpacho. The rest you can take or leave. I would highly highly recommend the lamb and Iron gate. Everyone wants to hate on everything, thats what makes the internet so “fun”

  • saf

    Wow, I haven’t been there in 30 years.

    At the time it was good food (not great), a bit expensive, and fabulous ambiance.

    It’s way off my regular routes thought, so I haven’t been back in forever.

  • My boyfriend took me here last year for our one year anniversary. Hands down the most romantic setting. The outdoor patio area, lit by stringed lights, and covered by vines was a great departure from the typical DC restaurant. Aside from that…that food is pretty bad. The Mediterranean-American dishes were way over salted and pretty over priced. Such a shame, really.

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