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The Greene Turtle is located at 601 F Street, NW. From time to time folks ask me where is a good spot to go before an event at the Verizon Center. Some folks have mentioned this spot. I’ve never been but wonder what folks think of this spot? Is it just massively overrun with tourists or is it a decent sports bar?

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  • not too sure about tourists. It is a typicall bar and grill. Tends to be popular on game days, but I think that is mostly due to its proximety rather than to it being a sportsbar.

  • It’s decent. We’ve gone on a couple of nights as the Caps were playing in the building and it was great fun with pretty good food.

  • It’s a sports bar. Food is as good as the other sportsbars in the area.

  • Dreadful. It’s bottom of the barrel bar food.

  • It’s definitely a corporate-y sports bar, and that’s what you’re going to get. The service there has always been very quick and friendly – exactly the opposite of Bar Louie (which is just awful unless you’re sitting at the bar chatting up the bartender). I’ve been several times and never been disappointed, plus it gets a great crowd in before Caps games.

  • I enjoy immensely their patio and cold beers. The Bennigans-type bar food I’ve gotten has been pretty good. I’ve only seen a smattering of tourists there.

  • Yummy Maryland wings and Pretzel con queso. Draft beer is pretty bad ( dirty taps) and too expensive. Stick with the bottles for happy hour.

  • Eh, it’s ok for a quick run-of-the mill drink after work or an event, but I prefer RFD just up 7th St NW. RFD has better bear and slightly better food.

  • Wow worse food than RFD is not good at all. It’s a shame about RFD’s food because they do have great beer. I just can’t get over the terrible food and the sterile atmosphere.

  • I went to the one in Fells Point many years ago and the decor was much more interesting there than the DC location. Food OK nothing to go out of your way for or write home about. It is what it is.

  • OK for a random beer after work, especially if the weather is nice and you snag a table outside. Miserable if you try to go immediately before a game — absolutely packed and no place to sit, place your drink. And they fry food very well, in my humble.

  • meh…chicken sliders were dry

  • My buddy loves the one by his house in Columbia, MD….I have to say I was a bit dismayed when I saw we have one in DC…it just seems to fit much, much better in the boring ‘burbs.

  • service is terrible. food is as expected.

  • Agree with last poster about service. Just glad something has stuck in that location, I lived down there when it was a steak house that never had any customers, and the Drinx bar didn’t last long there either.

  • If you eat at RFD or Fado you are just asking to get a plate full of rat excrement. That entire block of 7th is infested worse than the Paris sewers.

  • It’s strange to see everyone posting about the food and not at all about the TVs and sports side of things. Don’t most people go to a sports bar because they can’t get the game on TV at home? I thought the setup was nice if you’re looking to hang out with a few friends and watch a game instead of getting rowdy. All of the booths have their own TV turned to whatever game you want to watch. I haven’t run into at too many places. If you’re looking for a bar to get hammered with other fans it definitely wasn’t the place for Thursday night football…

  • Bar Louis is better but the Green Turtle is okay. If you go there for the food, look on the website to see what the special of the day is (You can get a filling hamburger on Thursdays for $5).

  • This place is horrible. I work a couple blocks away and we have all eliminated it as a lunch/happy hour option. The food is average sports bar food but the service is dreadful; very slow and I have yet to actually get the food that I ordered.

  • Watched Thursday night NFL season opener – The TVs where I sat (near front high tables) not in be in high definition. I know some will call me a TV elitist but to be a Sports Bar you need HDTV.
    Good thing about Green Turtle it is off of 7th street so you can usually get a table / spot at the bar if the Caps are not playing

    CrankyPants Says:
    ‘ I saw we have one in DC…it just seems to fit much, much **better in the boring ‘burbs.’**

    It is a Sports Bar it does not sell knitting needles. Do I detect DC snobbery???? All the chains are downtown.

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