Judging Proposed Building Additions – Mt. Pleasant Library

Mt. Pleasant Library addition

Back in June we looked at some renderings here. Thanks to PoPville flickr user Rockcreek for uploading the new image. The library is located at 3160 16th Street, NW. Looks like it will fit nicely, yeah?

In other Mt. P images, Rockcreek also found a very cool shot of the buildings at 18th and Florida from 1908. rockcreek writes:

“Newly completed apartment buildings (Albert H. Beers, 1908) on the SW corner of Eighteenth Street and Florida Avenue, NW, 12/12/1908 “Washington Times”.”

18th St. & Florida Ave., NW (still standing)

These are the buildings that put all the peace signs up in many languages every December.

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  • I think the Library addition is AWESOME and much needed. MTP has a lot of young families and is in close proximity to a lot of schools as well. Im sure it will get a lot of use.

  • Yes, it’s fine, and I’d like to see them get started on it already so we don’t have another Cleveland Park Giant situation on our hands.

  • Agreed- break ground tomorrow please.

  • I didn’t know 18th and Florida was in Mt. Pleasant! I learn something new everyday…

  • anon,

    It’s not. PoP has this building confused with the building at Park Rd. and Mt. Pleasant Street.

  • … and thumbs up to the addition.

  • I think it would be better if it had a roof. I mean, books are delicate. So are children.

  • It is sad to see that the library renovation has been reduced so much. There is a extension at the back of the building already (currently a reading area for teen literature) with gorgeous greenery to look at out of beautiful arts and crafts windows. This proposal merely removes that extension and puts a new one in its place.

    I’m all for renovating the library, it needs more space, but if money is going to be spent, let’s actually get something for our money. All of the other proposals added a significant amount of space to the library. This one merely reshapes it.

  • Any of you eagerly anticipating an improved library, just wait until this gang of anti-DC Public Librarian gadflies starts their well-practiced game of monkey wrench tossing. They’re backed by Ralph Nader, totally unrealistic, and have tried to hen peck every major library project to death. Mark my words. Their Orwellian names are “The Library Renaissance Project” and “District Library Dynamos.” I’ve seen them in mtgs enough to see their deal. Dim NIMBYs, Library NIMBYs, a new species. From West End to East of the River, they have slowed things down and just played ubergadfly.

  • The reshaping and redesign strategy is to get people to realise the building.
    It is actually the hope that more people will enter the building and read rather than producing more reading aras.
    By giving a building an history it becomes more popular.

  • Re: 1908 images — the one on the left now hosts Jolt-n-Bolt I think?

  • @ Jimmy D: Also, it needs to be bigger. How are the kids supposed to learn how to read if they can’t even fit inside the building?

  • It’s not. PoP has this building confused with the building at Park Rd. and Mt. Pleasant Street.

    Right – that’s the Park Regent at 1701 Park Rd.:


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