Judging New Restaurants – Acacia Bistro (Reader Request)

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“Dear PoP,

Do you know anyone who has tried the brand new place called Acacia Bistro, 4340 Connecticut Ave. NW, that just opened up in Van Ness? (on Connecticut and Yuma St. where the Schlotsky’s deli used to be). It says that it has healthy food during the day or something along those lines but when I ran by the other evening it looked more like a wine bar that serves food. I am SO excited that there is a hip place walking distance in the neighborhood and wanted to see if anyone had (hopefully good) reviews.”

Anyone check it out yet?

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  • I like this place because it’s so close to UDC’s campus that I can go get drunk between classes.

  • I wonder if it’s related to the one in Richmond.

  • I ate their a few weeks ago with three friends. The service was very good, and the outdoor seating is nice. My friends had flatbread pizzas, which they liked, and I had their heirloom tomato salad (good) and the meatballs (not so good). The menu has a lot of variety, and the wine list is reasonably priced. I’ve moved now, but it was nice to have another restaurant choice in Van Ness.

  • I ate there a few weeks ago. Let me preface this by saying I am totally excited to have a new, non-chain, draft-beer-having restaurant in that area. However, the food left more than a little to be desired. All of the proteins we ordered were undercooked and had definitely been frozen. The scallops were dangerously raw (they are dangerous raw, right?) as was the chicken (definitely dangerous). The fingerling potatoes were good and the salad was OK.

    Basically, I would definitely recommend this place for their draft Blue Moon and small potato snacks. However, the food was expensive and no good. I tried to send back the scallops (honestly, I never send stuff back, like ever) and they would not accept that they were not cooked right. The one time I try to stand up as a diner and send something back, I am refused! More funny than horrible, but I think it speaks to the quality of the restaurant.

    Acacia Bistro, please stay, but please learn how to cook better (and more thoroughly)or just become a wine/beer bar.

  • I have eaten here on several occasions, I dare say I am a regular. A few things I would like to clear up about the last post before I make my own comments… Scallops are not unsafe when cooked under well done (provided they have been kept a proper temperature prior to cooking and are relatively fresh, as with all seafood) as a matter of fact most chefs serve them medium rare to medium, that said, if you prefer your seafood cooked more on the well side, it is best to just say so. Also, they don’t have Blue Moon on draught or in the bottle, the draught beers are Victory Prima Pils and Allagash White ( I sit at the bar, right in front of the keg pulls).

    My faves to eat here are the meat and cheese plates, and the bianco flatbread, and the veggie dishes, the buffalo burger is quite yummy too. If you like wine, this is your place, they have a ton of wine by the glass, the bartender told me they have 90, and she (her name is Danielle) knows something about all of them!! They have happy hour now too, it goes late, I stopped in yesterday and they had good deals on food and wine and all beers were 3.50.

    Let’s keep them in business!

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