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  • big thumbs up for the use of materials, the scale of the building, and for the effort to modernize the traditional DC rowhouse design.

    Yet, there’s something about the way the large square windows are designed, and the proportions of the tan architectural element at the top of the that don’t quite sit right with me. I’m not sophisticated enough architecturally to be able to explain what it is that causes that reaction.

  • Not a big fan of the windows. I think it woudl have been cool if they were a like big warehouse – divided light windows. As for the doorways – a roof/awing would have been nice. But overall, very nice exterior. I’ll hold off final judgement till the interior shots are available.

  • The huge windows have always struck me as odd as this place was being built. But I believe there’s something (finally) going into that restaurant across the street (between Q and Rhode Island, with the Slum Historique mural), so maybe they’ll have something nice to look at!

  • I forgot to mention I really like the proportion of the bays and the way they mimic the proportions of a traditional DC rowhouse.

  • Two have been listed:


    It’s a great, developing neighborhood. And the condos look very nice. I really look forward to seeing how these sell.

  • Big thumbs up from me. I think this building speaks to the surrounding architecture of row homes without overwhelming it or poorly imitating it. I agree that the windows would look better with divided panels as originally planned, but overall I think it’s a gorgeous addition to the area.

    JPQ – I’ve not heard of anyting going in across the street — what do you know and from where?!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Shaw rez I think jpq is thinking of Toque cafe at 6th and R:


  • overall these are phenomenal – only hitch is the metal used between the windows looks like it was dented up during installation or something. kind of weird considering how polished the rest of the fittings are.

  • They look great, I pass by there daily, a real dramatic change from the ‘lake’….but those prices seem bananas.

  • Those prices do seem kinda steep. But they are 3BR/3BA, near U St., and it looks like each unit is from the ground up, almost like a traditional rowhouse. I want to see interior pics before I judge though.

  • New construction approved by the Historic Preservation Board. Keep this in mind when comparing new construction outside of historic districts.

  • those big windows are going to be a giant pain to curtain

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