Brother of Jogger Hit by Bus Seeks Witnesses to Accident at Corner of Connecticut and Florida, Sept. 3

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“Dear PoP,

I’m the brother of Amanda Mahnke, who was jogging on Connecticut at Florida on September 3 when she was hit by a Metrobus. She is recovering from serious injuries. I’m very grateful to the people who came to my sister’s aid that morning, and I would like to talk to anyone who was there. If you could post something encouraging people who were there, or who know someone who was there, to e-mail me (rm2159570 at gmail dot com), I would be appreciative. Since WTOP created some confusion on the point, I’d also like to mention there is no basis for the notion that Amanda was wearing earbuds that morning. Not that it should make a difference — joggers who are wearing earbuds should be safe from buses, too.”

If anyone saw something please email Robert at rm215570 (at) Gmail (dot) com. For those that missed the Post article – the driver of the metro bus has been fired.

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  • lesson for the day kiddies: look both ways before crossing the street no matter what the signal says.

  • I think the lesson goes…

    …First look left, then right, then left again before you cross.

    (except in the UK Commonwealth).

  • @BigSherm

    Of course you’re not implying that she is legally culpable for being run over by a vehicle that ran a red light. Right? And if not, what’s with the snark? (Oh, come on, it was so obviously snark.)

  • jimbo – it sounds as if the bus driver may have a run a yellow light (kind of illegal?) but that happens all the time. just stand at any busy intersection and watch, bet you see it almost every light change. this is something that is ok in society by most people’s standards (drivers). shit i’m a longtime bus rider and i love it when buses run yellows cuz i have no patience for slow bus drivers. though this bus was out of service so i don’t think there should have been so much hurry…

    but i digress, i do think there is a lesson to be learned. look both ways before you cross the street. that is common sense and a lesson that we are taught (hopefully) by our parents at a very young age. just because the signal says “walk” doesn’t mean its safe to. i am a pedestrian every day of the week and i always am bumping music in my headphones (volume way past 10). when i cross the street i look one way, then the other and then keep my eyes out for anything that i may have missed. constant awareness of surroundings is key. yea, it was a bit of a “snarky” remark and not having been witness i really can’t say much who really is to blame (probably the bus driver, wheres the tape?). but i do know that i hope this girl is okay.

  • Unless I’m completely misinterpreting the report, the bus was traveling eastbound on Florida, crossing Connecticut and the jogger was on the east side of Connecticut traveling north. Due to the angle at which these two roads meet (about 65 degrees), the jogger would have to turn so far left as to almost be looking backwards to see the bus coming. Similarly, the jogger should have been more apparent to the bus driver than in the same situation for a 90 degree intersection.

  • Sadly this is part of running in a city. I’ve lived in running friendly (e.g. lots of citizen runners) and non running friendly cities. I’ve only been hit in the running friendly ones. What I would recommend is getting an ID braclet (runners world advertises them) that have your name and an emergency contact and other health information. Its good to have for all sports (biking, skiing…) because when you are unconcious its nice to know that a friend or family member can be made aware of your condition. (Shameless plug I know)
    I am a huge fan of the red light cameras but what about stop sign cameras? I don’t know what it is but in the last ten years people all across the U.S. have perfected and adopted the California stop. Metro needs to crack down on the yellow light and stop sign running a car can hurt but a bus will likely kill every time.

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