I Missed the H Street, NE Festival But Was Lucky Enough to Catch Some of the Art Cars From it on Sunday


I heard the H Street, NE festival was awesome. Sadly, I was in NYC and had to miss it. Ed. Note: Happy New Year everyone, I can’t believe it’s already 5770… Anyway, I was really disappointed to have missed the festival so I was pretty psyched to have seen a few of the cars near the Convention Center. The folks were super nice and were heading back to their respective homes in Georgia and Kentucky. For folks who went to the festival, what was your favorite part? Tomorrow morning I’ll post this week’s Ojo Latino featuring the fashion part of the festival.


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  • Ahahahhahahahah yeah I saw them at the festival…pretty eye-catchy

  • I saw a bunch of them parked on D St. SE today!

    Of course, I was also at the Festival all day yesterday working at the Hill Hounds booth and visiting with my friends and neighbors. I think my favorite thing was seeing all the new businesses out spreading the word and getting to know their neighbors. Dulce, Biergarten Haus, Curbside Cupcakes, Dangerously Delicious Pies and others – it was great to give the new kids a hug and make them feel welcome.

    I just wish that DC would relax the laws that force people to drink elbow to elbow in tiny enclosed spaces on makeshift “patios” instead of letting people wander throughout the festival w/ their drinks. The folks at Biergarten Haus were packed like sardines in that tiny space.

  • oh white ppl art

  • Our family went and had a nice time. It looked like there was a good turnout and the weather was terrific.

  • If you like art cars head to H-town every May:


  • My wife and I made it to the H street festival and loved it! Great blend of food, people, nonprofits, entertainment, etc. But the ART CARS really made it stand out from any other neighborhood festival I’ve recently attended. I missed out CH fest, but I hope it did or will have something like this – something not commercial!

  • Might sound corny, but the general electricity in the air and the throngs of people everywhere was my favorite part. I’d say it was larger than the 07 and 08 festivals combined!

    I like some of the art cars, but some of them resembled the scary art work by schizophrenics, or the art of meth addicts.

    I just loved seeing the people having a good time everywhere. One particular thign of note- The Step Africa teach-in/show at the Atlas was amazing!

  • Those are all friends of mine. The top picture and the two bottom ones are of The Heaven and Hell car and there’s Chris Hubbard in the top photo. The Women that Rock car is driven by my friend Bonnie Blue out of Houston Texas. Then you’ve got some photos of the Laster Blaster’s Inner Galactic Love Shack-a-LLac. Those crazy Jesus Freaks stayed with me back in May when they rolled into Houston for the big Artcar Parade here.

  • Oh yeah, here’s my pictures from this years Houston parade if you are interested in artcars, Houston is the place.


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