Howard Theater Renovation Update

This former Horse’s Ass Award winner is slowly coming along. Work has been done to reveal the original 1910 facade. I just found the above You Tube video from the Howard Theater’s slick Web site. If you don’t watch the whole video be sure to forward to the end so you can see a rendering of what it’s supposed to look like. If it comes close it’s gonna be sweet. The theater is located at 620 T Street, NW and is slated to be completed in 2010 to celebrate its 100 year anniversary.

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  • You’ve spoken way too soon. The “facade work” was four days of ripping off the stucco. That was months ago and clearly nothing has happened since. A disinegnuous ploy by the developer so that they can claim work has started and get concerned neighbors, taxpayers and politicians off their backs when in reality nothing has moved.

  • the whole howard theater thing is a scam. lincoln theater is two blocks away and is dark 300+ nights a year. it should be converted to market rate condos or apartments, not some ridiculous city-operated nightclub. i really wish there was actually a way to bet against it, because i would win big.

    and for the record i would LOVE for it to be a success, but unfortunately the example of lincoln theater says it all.

  • Who on earth is going to want to live in an old theater? Worst idea ever.

  • hey Nate –

    all it takes is a good architect to retain the facade and redevelop the rest into residential.

  • Damn, Nate dogg got FACED

  • You on crack, Bert.

  • Nothing would make me happier than to see it succeed, but as someone that lives 3 blocks away….this area ? Bethesda

  • i wanted them to restore the original facade but make it an indie theater a la e street. that said, if it becomes a nice/popular area, where will people go to urinate?

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