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IMG_1633, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This beauty is getting renovated up in Crestwood. I really liked the contrast of the left side roof with the deep slope on the right side. Probably makes for some cool looking rooms inside. If it ever goes up for sale I’ll be sure to post.

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  • It’s my friends house–they bought it a couple of years ago and gutted it and rennovated it. they are moving in soon!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Anonymous Ask them if they’ll send me some photos of the inside. Please!!!

  • Would be awesome to see more. I ran past the house on Saturday and someone was doing work on the place. It had awesome-looking masonry work. Made me jealous!

  • I wonder if the new owners will keep the flagpole in the left hand side of the photo. You don’t see that much anymore though. Really nice home, very unique style. (and did you catch what seems to be ornamental fruit baskets at the top of the home on the left side.)

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