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  • there are a few of these houses in Crestwood, with stucco walls and stone lintels and doors. I have no idea what you call this style though. Any architects know what to call this style?

  • I’m not sure what the proper name would be either. Reminds me of old mission type Mexican architecture though.

  • The style is called the visual ruination of a great house by slapping some ugly stone on the sides.

  • PoP, you should photo the white “Moorish Castle” in the 4800 block of Colorado Avenue. At least that’s what we used to call it when we were little at Halloween. It’s about the 8th house from 16th Street, almost to 17th Street, across from the woods near Carter Baron. Then there’s the huge brick monster next to it. The woman who used to live in that one would let us watch her rise upstairs in the private elevator. It didn’t take much to amuse us back then. Sorry I can’t remember the exact addresses. On the same block the second stone house from the corner of 16th used to have a swimming pool with Marilyn Monroe’s picture painted at the bottom. The cops used to buzz it all the time in their helicopters. Sorry for the ramble but your pictures are bringing back memories.

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