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  • Breath taking.

  • The roof reminds me my grandparents house.

  • ah, to be a member of the upper crust…

  • just a couple blocks from my house, but definitely a bigger slice of the good life.

  • I have been thinking about looking for places in 16th St Heights. Places are around the same prices as C. Heights, but seem to have so much more s p a c e. To stretch! Andy, how do you like it up there?

  • Lovin’ it. I think the area roughly bounded by 14th and 16th Streets is a pretty coherent, nice neighborhood with good-looking housing stock and friendly folks. My wife and I really liked the row houses, space and price, Upshur Park/Pool, access to Piney Branch/Rock Creek Park, and proximity to public transportation on 14th and 16th. We just bought a car and can park it on the street. And we really like the friendly people on our block, and have met a lot of nice folks nearby. It took us just a couple days to meet more friendly neighbors than we met in years in Adams Morgan.

    If you are further east, you’ll be closer to the new Yes!, the Roosevelt High track, and some Petworth highlights like Qualia and Domku. Safeway’s also over there too…

    If you’re further north, the houses are bigger and fancier (more like tony Crestwood, just west of 16th) and it gets quieter.

    South and west in 16th Street Heights where I am you have quick access to both Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant and some solid rowhouses.

    I might look within walking distance of Highlands or maybe Red Derby if you want to move north of Columbia Heights and not go into shock due to the loss of coffee, beer or brunch venues.

    The only real thing I want to bring up compared to Columbia Heights is a somewhat touchy subject, so take this opinion with a grain of salt. I think there are significantly fewer guys on streets and corners with nothing to do/doing nothing good than there are down in Columbia Heights. I know sketchiness is a fraught and much-discussed subject here and elsewhere, but in many parts Columbia Heights has a higher sketchiness factor AND higher housing prices to boot. 16th Street Heights compared well to what we were used to in Adams Morgan.

    The neighborhood’s not perfect (whose could be?), but my wife’s comfortable raising our soon-to-be son there. We liked the price for our home, which we can live well in and improve to increase its resale value. And we have friendly neighbors and a replacement for my old favorite, Tryst, in Highlands. Now if we can only find space in a nearby day care . . . .

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